Episode 137 – RE: Cutie Honey

Bradley & Niall join us today to talk about the 2004 OAV series RE: CUTIE HONEY. Genshiken is our Weekly Retro Recap and we play an Android-based quiz. I’m in a hurry to get away for Easter, so enjoy and we’ll see you next week with more DITB and more Let’s Go JoJo!

Episode 136 – Saint Young Men


Dwayne Moloney joins us to talk the 2013 film adaptation of Hikaru Nakamura’s hit manga SAINT YOUNG MEN. Jesus and Buddha take a vacation in Japan, leading to all sorts of amusing vignettes.

Plus, Weekly Retro Recap returns with episode 1 of Genshiken and we play a game of GOD or DOG?

Let’s Go JoJo! Episode 2 – Who Shall Judge


Anthony, Brian, Dwayne and Niall are back to discuss Shokotan wanting to be ORAORA’ed, tapeworm Stands, 80’s perms, the history of hats with integral hair and Bill Murray on HGH.

Let’s Go JoJo! Episode 1 – The Man Possessed by the Evil Spirit


Dynamite In The Brain and Secret Of The Sailor Madness join forces to podcast JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, one episode at a time. Here’s episode 1, featuring juvenile delinquents, ticklish granddads, a family who never goes to the barbers, and EVIL SPIRITS!

Episode 135 – Spring Preview


First things first, where was last week’s episode? Well it’s still here on my hard drive and there it shall remain for now. It has been deemed unsuitable for human ears. Not for any technical aspect, but for content. So traumatising was that episode that it laid Anthony low with a terrible illness and he couldn’t make it to our Spring Preview.

A call went out across the internet, who could join Brian and Bradley to look back over the Winter season, look forward to the Spring season and play a game of KIDS or CREEPS? One voice answered that call, the man they call SCAMP from THECARTDRIVER.COM

Oh, and there’s an important podcast announcement hidden inside this episode too. ENJOY.


Episode 134 – Paprika

Leon and Greg join us to talk Satoshi Kon’s 2006 film, Paprika. Beck is our Weekly Retro Recap, WATCHUWATCH draws to an end and we play a game about dream based cartoons.

Episode 133 – Dirty Pair : Project Eden

Gary Hedges joins us for our second Dirty Pair podcast, this time talking about the Dirty Pair film, Project Eden. Plus, Beck continues in the Weekly Retro Recap slot and we play a game of “The Bullshit Table of Elements”.

Episode 132 – Tekkonkinkreet



Anthony and Brian discuss the 2006 adaptation of Taiyo Matsumoto’s manga Tekkonkinkreet. WATCHUWATCH enters its last stages of existence and Beck continues to stride through our Weekly Retro Recap like some sort of guitar strumming colossus.

Episode 131 – TMS in the USA


In a hurry, so I’ll make this quick. Gary Hedges joins us to reminisce over the US cartoons that TMS/Telecom worked on. Plus, Beck episode 3 is our Weekly Retro Recap. This episode is very long and yet I think we still manage to forget to say what TMS stands for – Tokyo Movie Shinsha. Enjoy.

Episode 130 – Hunter × Hunter Phantom Rouge


Anthony takes control, and invites Niall Flanagan of Secret of the Sailor Madness to talk the 2013 Hunter × Hunter movie, Phantom Rouge. Was it worth the wait? How does it compare to the series and other recent Shonen Jump movies? Find out on a new episode of DITB.

Plus: Anthony turns quizmaster and tests Brian and Niall’s knowledge of pop culture hunters.