Episode 243 – Ghost In The Shell

We take another detour into the world of live action adaptations of anime & manga with 2017’s Ghost In The Shell. Jon Anning and Grace Chan join us to discuss the ins and outs of this Scarlett Johansson vehicle. Were the 9 years spent on development and production worth it?

Plus returning game “If Paul Rudd Was Anime” in a new, revamped format!

Episode 242 – Serial Experiments Lain

Take a trip with us back to the wonderful world of 1998 in the company of Grace Chan and Jon Anning. We take a look at the Ryutaro Nakamura, Chiaki J Konaka and Yoshitoshi ABe project Serial Experiments Lain. A glimpse at the plugged in cyber-future that awaited us, how does it look 19 years later? We find out on today’s episode of Dynamite In The Brain.

Episode 241 – Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan

Elliot and Lewis are here to discuss the most popular non-canon Dragon Ball character of them all, BROLY~! We review his first appearance in the film Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan AKA Dragon Ball Z: Burn Up!! A Close, Intense, Super-Fierce Battle. And then we find out just how popular the man is as we delve into the world of Broly-based AMVs.

Episode 240 – The Famous Anime Podcast Pilot

Aaron Long is back to help us pilot a new format, THE FAMOUS ANIME PODCAST. What does this presumptuously titled podcast involve? In it we discuss 10 of 2002’s most notable anime, and decide which of them can be considered famous in 2017. It mostly works. Though you may hear a few more Skype noises than intended.

Episode 239 – Crayon Shin-chan – My Moving Story – Cactus Attack!

Aaron Long (Sublo & Tangy Mustard) joins us once again to talk Crayon Shin-chan. This time round, we watched the 2015 movie, where the family move to Mexico, only to face the peril of man-eating cacti~!

Episode 238 – Top 10 Anime of 2007

In an episode we thought Windows 10 had destroyed, Anthony and Brian count down their top 10 anime of 2007. Featuring giants robots, gangsters, superheroes, samurai and spooky ghosts~!

Episode 237 – Haikyu!!

Anthony drags Brian into his Haikyu!! fandom as we watch the first 13 episodes of the volleyball anime based on the hit Shonen Jump manga.

Episode 236 – Top 10 Anime of 2012

Dwayne Moloney of the Secret of the Sailor Madness & Let’s Go! podcasts joins us to start the year by looking back 5 years to 2012. Featuring wolves, cats, bears and cannibalism!

And the only time Sword Art Online will be the header image.

Episode 235 – Anime Quiz of the Year

It’s the battle of who watched the most anime and then retained it, as the Let’s Go Gang go head to head in Brian’s Anime Quiz of the Year for 2016.

Episode 234 – Top Five Anime That Dummies Think Were Made On Drugs

Bradley Meek joins us to talk about the types of anime that makes a certain sort of person say “They MUST have been on drugs when they wrote that!”.