Macross Plus

Episode 215 – Macross Plus

We talk Macross Plus with guests Grace Chan from ChineseIrish and Leon Everett from Focus Fire Nerd. And it turns out to be a more divisive topic than we first thought. Leon put the hours in to give us the answer as to which version Brian and Grace should have watched, but Anthony is happy with Macross Plus however you slice it.

Plus there’s probably a game too. We recorded this and uploaded it ages ago, and I’ve forgotten at this point.

Learn all about studying Korean in Korea with Grace on her Youtube channel ChineseIrish.

Watch Leon and his friends play video games on the Focus Fire Nerd Youtube channel.

Episode 214 – The Best Anime of 1986

Greg Driver joins us to run down the best anime from 1986. And what a collection of classics we have to discuss. One of the biggest Shonen Jump properties of all time, a Canadian dub, a movie that only one of us is sure he’s seen all of, vicious animals and Greg’s favourite toyline all feature in another rip-roaring episode of Dynamite in the Brain.

Episode 213 – The Guyver: Bio Booster Armour Act I

Greg Driver joins us to discuss the 1989 OVA series, Guyver Act I. A mainstay for 90s UK anime viewers after its release on these shores in 1994, Brian somehow avoiding seeing it in the ensuing 22 years. Today that changes. Will this violent Kamen Rider homage charm him on the 30th anniversary of the manga’s launch? Find out on another exciting episode of Dynamite In The Brain.

Plus, we take a new quiz for a test drive.


Episode 212 – The Best Anime of 1991

Behold a real struggle of a podcast as we attempt to fashion a list of 1991’s best new anime. The problem being, 1991 was a horrible year for new anime. Possibly the worst ever. Joining us in this Herculean task is Sublo & Tangy Mustard‘s Aaron Long.

Of course, the other problem is that Aaron & Anthony haven’t seen much anime that started in 1991…

Episode 211 – Kaiba

Sublo & Tangy Mustard creator Aaron Long joins us today to discuss Masaaki Yuasa’s enigmatic sci-fi anime from 2008, Kaiba. Can we make sense of this tale of memory and identity? Does it matter or not? Find out on another exciting episode of Dynamite In The Brain.

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Episode 210 – Best Anime of 1996

Greg Driver joins us to run down our favourite anime of 1996. As he’s old, Brian has a longer list of 1996 anime than Greg & Anthony. Also, as he’s old, he forgot how the introduction of these list episode goes and accidentally used the introduction from last year’s podcasts…

resurrection F

Episode 209 – Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

Elliot Page & Greg Driver join us today to discuss the 2015 hit anime film, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F. Frieza is back! Jaco arrives in animated form! A sorta koala looking guy called Sorbet also appears!

NB: There was a long-winded, confusing game with wrong answers edited from this podcast, which is what the timeline mentions at the end of the podcast are referring to. Trust me, you are better off without it.

Episode 208 – Best Anime of 2001

Once again Niall Flanagan of Secret of the Sailor Madness and Let’s Go sits in as co-host as Anthony is still missing. Even though he was on the last Let’s Go. The power of pre-recording!

What’s more, Bradley Meek of Anime Now! joins us again, as we run down what we think are the best examples of anime from 2001. And there’s a lot. 2001 was a pretty good year, and we’ve got a lot of episodes out of it over the years.

Episode 207 – Mononoke

Guest co-host Niall Flanagan and guest guest Bradley Meek join Brian to talk Kenji Nakamura’s 2007 occult detective series, Mononoke. A sound card-thwarted Anthony sends the occasional comment via Skype instant messaging.

And we play a spooky Yo-kai quiz~!

Watch Mononoke on Crunchyroll

Brian’s post on Mononoke from 2007

Best Anime of 2006

Episode 206 – Best Anime of 2006

On today’s show, Aaron Long (Sublo & Tangy Mustard) joins us to discuss our Top 5 Anime from 2006. Featuring the best shut-ins, dreams, dinosaurs, cannibals, juvenile delinquents and pudding that you can find in Japanese cartoons from 10 years ago.