Episode 223 – Space Adventure Cobra

Out of the blue came a kill-crazy crew, whose motto was pod by the week. It’s time to talk space pirates with Leon Everett, as we watch 1982’s movie adaptation of Buichi Terasawa’s Cobra manga – known as Space Adventure Cobra!

Episode 222 – Studio 4°C Shorts

Who wants the cream? Who needs the cream? We do! And that cream is a heaping helping of Studio 4°C’s back catalogue – Noiseman Sound Insect, Digital Juice, Sweat Punch and Amazing Nuts

Episode 221 – Amecon 2016

Raising a riot at Amecon 2016 with Gary Hedges.

Episode 220 – Top 5 Anime Crossovers We Want To See

Fan fiction brainstorming with Greg Driver.

Episode 219 – Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman

Greg Driver joins us to discuss Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman.

Episode 218 – Top Five Videogame Anime

Week 2 of GREG DRIVER MONTH and we get into our lists of top five videogame anime. Always a high risk of being terrible, between the three of us, we manage to find more than 10 that are actually worth your time. Demons, ghosts, monsters, punching and puzzles all feature in a fun packed Dynamite In The Brain Top Five!

NB: Games Centre Arashi does not actually appear in the episode, it’s an anime about a videogames, not based on videogames. But I wanted Pac-Man in the episode banner.

Episode 217 – Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie

It’s Greg Driver month! Greg joins us every week this month on DITB to get you ready for his own podcast, Ace Comicals, coming soon. First up we discuss the 1996 OVA series turned movie, Sonic The Hedgehog. Based on the first three Sonic the Hedgehog games, in the sense that characters from those games appear in the movie, it presents a new Sonic continuity and setting for the first and last time.

Plus: we get to grips with our histories with the hog, and play a quiz in which Greg and Anthony have to guess the species of various animal characters!

Buy Sonic The Hedgehog at Amazon UK

Episode 216 – Black Magic M-66

Anthony and Brian try and get an entire podcast out of talking about the meat and potatoes action OVA, Black Magic M-66.

Based on an incoherent comic by Masamune Shirow, this 1987 anime somehow weaves something worth watching from the one story in the comic worth reading.

Plus, there’s likely something else we talked about that got the running time of the podcast up to an hour. It’s probably our Amecon events, which we still can’t confirm the times and locations of!

Black Magic M-66 on Amazon

Black Magic M-66 on Amazon UK

Episode 215 – Macross Plus

We talk Macross Plus with guests Grace Chan from ChineseIrish and Leon Everett from Focus Fire Nerd. And it turns out to be a more divisive topic than we first thought. Leon put the hours in to give us the answer as to which version Brian and Grace should have watched, but Anthony is happy with Macross Plus however you slice it.

Plus there’s probably a game too. We recorded this and uploaded it ages ago, and I’ve forgotten at this point.

Learn all about studying Korean in Korea with Grace on her Youtube channel ChineseIrish.

Watch Leon and his friends play video games on the Focus Fire Nerd Youtube channel.

Episode 214 – The Best Anime of 1986

Greg Driver joins us to run down the best anime from 1986. And what a collection of classics we have to discuss. One of the biggest Shonen Jump properties of all time, a Canadian dub, a movie that only one of us is sure he’s seen all of, vicious animals and Greg’s favourite toyline all feature in another rip-roaring episode of Dynamite in the Brain.