Let’s Go! Episode 22 – A Hazy Shade of Chipmunk


The weekly anime podcast about weekly anime is back, with pretty much everything we were watching during Let’s Go JoJo! that wasn’t JoJo. But now we are free to use obtuse episode titles once more.

This week: Goku is dead. Chipmunk is hazy. Hanbei teaches a lesson. Santa delivers presents. Tiger fights Tiger. Bach pays a visit. And Hannibal steps on some berries.

Let’s Go! Autumn Anime Preview!

The promised Yo-Kai The Movie episode will have to wait until next week, we’ve got to strike while we can and give you the Let’s Go! Autumn Anime Preview.

(And Summer Anime Review).

Dwayne, Niall and Brian are here to tell you what you should have been watching these past 3 months and what they’ll be checking out the 3 months to come.

Featuring: kittens, famous composers, other famous historical figures who weren’t composers, cardboard kittens, Shigeru Chiba, pro-wrestling, handsome boys, ninjas, rugby, figure skating, people named after famous authors, and a dictionary.

What a year 2016 has been for anime, and it shows no sign of abating. So come along and hang with Let’s Go Gang!

Let’s Go! Summer Anime Preview 2016

Summer Anime Preview

Brian, Dwayne & Niall assemble their collective television watching powers to review the anime of Spring and preview the incoming anime from Summer.  It’s the second Let’s Go! Season Preview!

We watched more anime in the last 3 months than we’ve ever done before, did we like it? And can the summer’s offerings keep it up?

Let’s Go! Episode 21 – Finally

Dropping early for Easter, it’s the weekly anime podcast about weekly anime! Anthony, Brian & Dwayne discuss some one punch men, some growling, brotherly hate, and criminal capers.

This week’s anime:

  • One Piece #733
  • Dragon Ball Super #35
  • Lovely Muuuuuuuco! #24
  • Mr Osomatsu #24
  • Lupin III #21 & #22
  • Erased #11 (again!)

Next week: The return of LET’S GO JOJO~!

Let’s Go! Spring Anime Preview 2016

With Anthony still missing, presumed stuck on a hard shoulder, and Anime Now’s Bradley Meek putting anime in the past, what is Brian going to do about a Spring anime preview episode? Assemble the surviving members of the Let’s Go Gang of course!

Welcome to the first Let’s Go! Season Preview podcast. Exactly the same as the DITB Preview podcasts, but with more Dwayne & Niall!

We run down what we watched over the Winter season, unsurprisingly it’s mainly what we’ve been podcasting about each week! Then we get ready for the return of the show that formed the Let’s Go Gang, JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE!

We also look a whole load of other titles that excite us as we get ready for the first season in living memory where there may be too many shows that we actually want to watch.

Let’s Go! Episode 19 – Never Trust Friezas

dragon ball super frost

Hey, hey, the gangs all here, as we discuss a whole lot of betrayal. Aliens, Teachers and Gypsum Busts all show their true colours this week. Plus: blocks of stone, blocks of dry ice, blockheaded martial arts, an event filled trip to the amusement park, and the original steampunk wanker – Leonardo Da Vinci!

This week:

  • One Piece Chapter 818
  • Lupin #17 & #18
  • Ojisan & Marshmallow #10
  • Sekko Boys #10
  • Mr Osomatsu #22
  • Lovely Muco #22
  • Erased #10
  • Dragon Ball Super #34

Let’s Go! Episode 18 – Lovely Running

Still no Anthony, but we stayed up late so we’d have a Niall! This week: nostalgic flashbacks in Lovely Muco, terrible teachers in Lupin III, possibly an even worse teacher in ERASED, definitely the worst Matsuno in Osomatsu, and St. Giorgio takes one for the team.

This week’s anime:

  • Lupin #15 & #16
  • Ojisan & Marshmallow #9
  • Sekko Boys #9
  • Mr Osomatsu #21
  • Lovely Muco #21
  • Erased #9
  • Dragon Ball Super #33


Let’s Go! Episode 17 – Grand Ponta

This week it’s not so much the Let’s Go Gang as the Let’s Go Duo, as it’s just Brian & Dwayne in the studio. That doesn’t stop us running down all the usual shows as we take in all the rugged beards, Renaissance art, sweaty dogs, girl groups and UFO catcher dolls that this week’s anime had to offer.