Let’s Go! #104 – Let’s Hibernate

It’s filler season on My Hero Academia so Froppy just falls asleep in boredom. We manage to stay awake long enough to talk about Lupin turning P.I., Planet With head into its final battle 5 episodes in and Fenny wanting to be a song singer.

Also featured: microphone problems that you, the listener, can’t actually hear!

DITB #287- Lupin III: The Blood Spray of Goemon Ishikawa

We got impatient and watched the 2017 Takeshi Koike Lupin III outing. Hopefully this weekend Discotek will announce they are releasing it and we can figure out the finer plot details from that.

In the meantime, we discuss the Lupin Laboratory that are these OAVs-come-Movies, and the sheer amount unpleasant wounds contained in The Blood Spray of Goemon Ishikawa.

Also, we talk about our time at Amecon.

Let’s Go! #100 – Let’s Change the Theme Tune

Cat eats lettuce

New season, new theme tune, and the 100th episode of Let’s Go as long as you don’t count all those episodes of Let’s Go JoJo and Let’s Go Goku.

This week we watched:

Lupin III Part 5 Episode 13 – The Bow, The Princess & The Terrorist

Ninja Girl & Samurai Master Episode 66 – The opportunities lie in Noda and Fukushima

Bonobono Episode 14 – Yamabii Looks For A Partner

Gegege no Kitaro Episode 15 – Zunbera Spiritplasty

Hanebado! Episode 2 – Meat’s The Best After A Workout

Mr. Tonegawa Middle Management Blues Episode 1 – Initiative

Cells at Work! Episode 1 – Pneumococcus

Planet With Episode 1 – Light, Seven Flashes

Working Buddies! 2! Episode 1 – We Are Working Buddies!!

Banana Fish Episode 1 – A Perfect Day For Bananafish