Gurren Lagann

Episode 238 – Top 10 Anime of 2007

In an episode we thought Windows 10 had destroyed, Anthony and Brian count down their top 10 anime of 2007. Featuring giants robots, gangsters, superheroes, samurai and spooky ghosts~!

Let’s Go! Episode 25 – Educate & Annihilate

Education is on our minds this week. From adult education on a desert island, awful teachers, school festivals and history lessons on the Feuding States and Renaissance Italy, it’s all here on Let’s Go. Then we wrap things up by trying to figure out who’s on whose side in ACCA…

Mediocre Son

Let’s Go! Episode 24 – Mediocre Son

Who’s kissing Gohan? Why’s Ashibe fallen out with Goma-chan? Are chipmunks a superstitious and cowardly lot? All these questions and more are answered on another episode of Let’s Go! The weekly anime podcast about weekly anime.

Plus: we watched NEW ANIME~! ACCA, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Interviews with Monster Girls, Onihei and Handshakers get give the first episode snap judgement treatment. Which will make it past the judges to come back next week? Listen and find out!

Episode 237 – Haikyu!!

Anthony drags Brian into his Haikyu!! fandom as we watch the first 13 episodes of the volleyball anime based on the hit Shonen Jump manga.

help I'm A Fish

Let’s Go! Episode 23 – Help! I’m A Fish

This week the Let’s Go Gang get to grips with the return of Barry Kahn, nut identification, military uniform identification, parodies of famous Japanese illusionists, and the best episode of Classicaloid so far.


Let’s Go! Episode 22 – A Hazy Shade of Chipmunk

The weekly anime podcast about weekly anime is back, with pretty much everything we were watching during Let’s Go JoJo! that wasn’t JoJo. But now we are free to use obtuse episode titles once more.

This week: Goku is dead. Chipmunk is hazy. Hanbei teaches a lesson. Santa delivers presents. Tiger fights Tiger. Bach pays a visit. And Hannibal steps on some berries.

sword art online

Episode 236 – Top 10 Anime of 2012

Dwayne Moloney of the Secret of the Sailor Madness & Let’s Go! podcasts joins us to start the year by looking back 5 years to 2012. Featuring wolves, cats, bears and cannibalism!

And the only time Sword Art Online will be the header image.

Winter Anime Preview 2017

Let’s Go! Winter Anime Preview

Brian, Dwayne & Niall convene to look back on the Autumn anime they’ve been watching and look forward to what January 2017 is going to give them.

Anime Quiz Of The Year

Episode 235 – Anime Quiz of the Year

It’s the battle of who watched the most anime and then retained it, as the Let’s Go Gang go head to head in Brian’s Anime Quiz of the Year for 2016.

goodbye morioh

Let’s Go JoJo! Episode 39 – Goodbye, Morioh – The Heart of Gold

Brian, Dwayne, Elliot and Niall say farewell to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable. What is the final fate of Kira? Will Morioh be safe for future generations. We find out!

Plus: a hitman pays a visit, a billionaire spends all his money, a conqueror becomes a saviour, composers mind the house and a gold medal is won.

Be back here next week for the Winter Preview episode and then in 2017, for the return of Let’s Go! The Weekly Anime Podcast About Weekly Anime. Which, for the first week at least, will mainly be about the same shows we’ve been talking about here.