Episode 221 – Amecon 2016

Raising a riot at Amecon 2016 with Gary Hedges.

Episode 191 – Wrestling Anime II

We’re back with our second look at wrestling related anime. This time we check out Kinnikuman, Plawres Sanshiro, a Dirty Pair OAV, Metal Fighter Miku and¬†Wanna Be the Strongest in the World. And joining us to do all that is Gary Hedges.

Except he forgot to watch any of the anime we told him to watch!

But that won’t stop us recording a podcast, so join us as we dabble our toes in the stormy waters of wrestling themed anime and play a game of ANIME ACRONYMS~!

Episode 178 – Gurren Lagann

Ebbie from OKKO ANIME CLUB and Gary Hedges join us today to discuss the 2007 TV series, Gurren Lagann. In the Just Enough To Bluff segment we dip our toe into Ashita no Joe.¬†And in a tribute to the silent old man of Gurren Lagann, we play a game of “I’m In Love With The Coco”.

Links referred to in this podcast:

Squidward Tentacles

Gurren Lagann Pillow Case


Episode 133 – Dirty Pair : Project Eden

Gary Hedges joins us for our second Dirty Pair podcast, this time talking about the Dirty Pair film, Project Eden. Plus, Beck continues in the Weekly Retro Recap slot and we play a game of “The Bullshit Table of Elements”.

Episode 131 – TMS in the USA


In a hurry, so I’ll make this quick. Gary Hedges joins us to reminisce over the US cartoons that TMS/Telecom worked on. Plus, Beck episode 3 is our Weekly Retro Recap. This episode is very long and yet I think we still manage to forget to say what TMS stands for – Tokyo Movie Shinsha. Enjoy.

Episode 117 – Dirty Pair: Affair on Nolandia


Gary Hedges and Aaron Long join us to discuss the Dirty Pair OAV/Movie Affair on Nolandia. It all gets a bit out of control on the looking up Dirty Pair statues/figures front so please check out the images on the website.

Plus we discuss the greatest anime henchman ever in our Weekly Retro Recap.


Dirty Pair, Chris Claremont-style


The figures Gary has.


The nicest figures.


The dolls.


Are those orange tails?


Early Adam Warren-style


The modern day Dirty Pair


Mr Bean.

Episode 106 – Ayacon Review



We are back with a guest filled review of Ayacon 2013. The final Ayacon ever. Never to return. Dead. Kaput. Gone. Joining us to put the convention in a sack and leave it by the side of the motorway are Leon Everett, Greg Driver, Gary Hedges, Lewis Smith and DJ Snap. Did I miss anyone?

Plus, the UK anime releases and some WATCHUWATCH. No Retro Weekly Recap though as we had too much to get through.

Episode 91 – Slayers The Motion Picture

Gary Hedges joins us today to talk about Slayers The Motion Picture (1995), Lina and Naga’s first animated outing together. Plus all the usual features, with this week’s Weekly Retro Recap being episode 1 of Zatch Bell.

And yes, there is a game. One which we had to record twice as the rules in the first attempt made it something of a disaster. Is the final version any less of a disaster? You be the judge!

Episode 82 – Top Robots



Greg Driver & Gary Hedges join us again, this time run down our favourite robots from anime and manga. And one thing that isn’t either. And one robot that’s technically a cyborg, despite the only rule being no cyborgs.

WARNING: this episode contains a DBZ discussion that may have you shouting at your generic mp3 playing devices. All I will say is stick with it.

Plus, Tomorrow’s Nadja is once again our WEEKLY RETRO RECAP. Will it be the first show to go beyond two episodes? Download and find out!

Episode 81 – Cyber City Oedo 808


Everyone guests on this episode of Dynamite In The Brain. Well not quite everyone, but we do have Gary Hedges, Greg Driver and Niall Flanagan on board to talk 1991’s CYBER CITY OEDO 808. The violence, the swearing, the vampires, the swearing, the robots, the swearing, it’s all here on another bumper episode of DITB.

As a counter point to this outpouring of 1990’s OAV excess, this week’s Weekly Retro Recap is episode 1 of TOMORROW’S NADJA, a tale of an orphan finding her way in the Europe of the early 20th century.

All this and we totally forget to mention that we’ve been at this podcast lark for TWO YEARS now.