Episode 129 – Penguindrum Part 2



Sometimes podcasts don’t quite go the way you planned. Ebbie AKA Bizarrejelly5 joins us today for one such podcast, as talk about the second Penguindrum Box Set (covering episodes 13-24) turns into talk about the process of watching anime for the podcast. Specifically Anthony’s process…

Beck continues as our Weekly Retro Recap and we play a game of “Animals Must Be Cast As Leads”.

So pay attention and keep careful notes, as you listen to another episode of Dynamite in the Brain!

Episode 110 – Penguindrum



Ebbie aka BizarreJelly5 joins us to discuss the first 12 episodes of Penguindrum. Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch is the Weekly Retro Recap and we play a game of Name That Penguin.

And Anthony slowly turns into a robot.