Let’s Go JoJo Episode 22 – Yoshikage Kira Just Wants to Live Quietly, Part 2

Do you want to hear Kappei Yamaguchi scream in agony, but don’t have the Usopp vs. Trebol & Sugar fight at hand? Then this week’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was for you.

Plus: Dragon Ball is back from the Olympics, Bonobono and his dad build a house, Bananya defies analysis, Ritsu rises to power in Mob Psycho 100 and sibling rivalry reaches a bloody climax in 91 Days.

Oh, and Dwayne and Niall watched some more Thunderbolt Fantasy, but as they aren’t writing the show notes I can’t give you a pithy hint at that show’s contents.

Let’s Go JoJo! Episode 21 – Yoshikage Kira Just Wants to Live Quietly, Part 1

Let’s spend the day with local good boy Yoshikage Kira. A picnic in the park. A walk by the old school. What could go wrong for this man? We find out on the latest episode of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure podcast from Dynamite In The Brain and Secret of the Sailor Madness.

Plus, walking the dark with Bananya, body modifications in Bono Bono, Italian cooking just like mama used to make in 91 Days and all the fallout from the Teru fight in Mob Psycho 100. Oh, and some Thunderbolt Fantasy too.

This episode is late due to a technical error during recording, so if Brian occasionally bad mouths Windows 10 during the episode, that is why.

Episode 222 – Studio 4°C Shorts

Who wants the cream? Who needs the cream? We do! And that cream is a heaping helping of Studio 4°C’s back catalogue – Noiseman Sound Insect, Digital Juice, Sweat Punch and Amazing Nuts

Let’s Go JoJo! Episode 20 – Yukako Yamagishi Dreams of Cinderella

This week Yukako Yamagishi heads to beauty parlour Cinderella in the hopes of improving her looks so she can capture Koichi’s heart. Will find her prince or will she turn into a pumpkin at midnight? The Let’s Go Gang (Brian, Dwayne and Niall) are on the case!

Plus: father-son bonding in Dragon Ball, the meaning of dreams in Bono Bono, a trip to the grocery store with Bananya, no strings attached in Thunderbolt Fantasy, very slow time travel in Orange, the return of the sextuplets in Mr. Osomatsu, deadly sibling rivalry in 91 Days and the best episode of anime of 2016 in Mob Psycho.

It’s another bumper edition of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure podcast from Dynamite In The Brain and Secret Of The Sailor Madness.

Let’s Go JoJo! Episode 19 – Shigechi’s Harvest (Part 2)

Brian and Niall learn how to make money the Shigechi way.  By stealing it from bigger boys. Plus we take a trip to Universe 10, look for a Prairie Dog, meet a psychic bully, go camping with gangsters and C H I L L   O U T with Daddy Bananya.

Episode 221 – Amecon 2016

Raising a riot at Amecon 2016 with Gary Hedges.

Let’s Go JoJo! Episode 18 – Shigechi’s Harvest (Part 1)

It’s time to get rich quick with Josuke and Okuyasu as they team up with their new friend Shigechi and his stand, Harvest. Niall and Brian struggle to get their brains working post-Amecon, but Dwayne’s here to keep it all together.

Plus: cat and mouse games in both Bananya and 91 Days, we climb a tree with Bono Bono and learn to laugh again with Mob Psycho 100.

Episode 220 – Top 5 Anime Crossovers We Want To See

Fan fiction brainstorming with Greg Driver.

Let’s Go JoJo! Episode 17 – Rohan Kishibe’s Adventure

We come along with Koichi on Rohan Kishibe’s adventure down an alleyway. Everything up to this point has been prologue, now Diamond Is Unbreakable really begins! Plus we debate relative levels of creepiness in JoJo’s and Dragon Ball Super. We watch TV with Bananya, pull a tooth in Bono Bono, go to a wedding in 91 Days and ponder how to best misspend your youth in Mob Psycho 1000.

Episode 219 – Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman

Greg Driver joins us to discuss Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman.