Let’s Go Goku! Episode 7 – How Dare You Hurt My Bulma! Vegeta’s Total Furious Change!

Hey, I’m not on this episode! So your guess is as good as mine as to what it contains. I’m hoping it’s Niall, Anthony and Dwayne discussing an episode of Dragon Ball Super. Are you?

Let’s Go Goku! Episode 6

Last week’s episode this week! Brian is on holiday and so only just got around to posting this. And it doesn’t even have a proper description or picture yet! You probably want to come back here on Monday for that.

Episode 187 – Doraemon The Movie: Nobita’s Dinosaur 2006

We double down on atomic cats, as we check out a couple of episodes of the Disney XD dub of Doraemon, before experiencing the masterpiece that is the 2006 Doraemon movie, Nobita’s Dinosaur.

Recorded June 24th, so already out of date, as UK’s Boomerang channel started airing Doraemon this week, upping the channel’s cat quotient beyond its already dangerously high levels of Tom, Sylvester and Garfield.

Here’s those Toyota commercials

Let’s Go Goku! Episode 5 – A Battle on Kaio’s Planet! Goku vs God of Destruction Beerus

Goku meets Beerus! Will the feline deity finally get to see the Super Saiyan Whatchamacallit? Will King Kai’s planet remain intact? Will people have reasonable expectations of a weekly Toei series’ animation schedule? Find out on the weekly Dragon Ball Super podcast from Dynamite In The Brain & Secret of the Sailor Madness.

Rizzoo Rizzoo & Sauce Twinz – Super Saiyan

Episode 186 – Kitacon!

July 31st to August 2nd. Birmingham Hilton Metropole. Why would Brian Smith, Anthony Askew and Niall Flanagan meet in these hallowed halls on that weekend? To attend Kitacon, of course! The anime convention that appears ashamed of its roots and fudges things by calling itself a “UK Anime and Geek Culture Convention”.

Boo to all things marketing themselves as “Geek Culture”.

Anyway, you can find more of this sort of thing in the podcast, so listen and enjoy, as three men successfully spend nearly 2 hours convincing themselves that they had a good time.

Plus: a quiz.

Let’s Go Goku! Episode 4 – Aim for the Dragon Balls! The Pilaf Gang’s Master Plan

It’s party time on the Princess Bulma, but what are the party crashing Pilaf gang after? Find out as Dynamite In The Brain & Secret of the Sailor Madness discuss episode four of Dragon Ball Super! Plus: Brian can’t remember what this podcast called.

Let’s Go Goku! Episode 3 – Where’s the Rest of my Dream! Find the Super Saiyan God!

Beerus is trying to remember his dream and Bulma’s trying to have a party. That’s right we’re fully into the recycling of the material from Battle of Gods. Now with added fart and dick jokes. And a boat. We discuss all this on the latest episode of the Dragon Ball Super podcast from Dynamite in the Brain and Secret of the Sailor Madness.

Episode 185 – Tatsunoko Pro Classics

Time to dip back into the backlog, and in this episode recorded 27th May, Niall Flanagan joins us to learn Just Enough To Bluff on the topic of classic Tatsunoko Pro shows.

Gatchaman, Tekkaman, Yatterman and some other shows that don’t end in -man get checked out on this episode of Dynamite In The Brain. Plus, we play a game of “Sorting Out The Men From The Boys”.



Let’s Go Goku! Episode 2 – To the Promised Resort! Vegeta’s Family Vacation

Have you been waiting decades for a throwaway line of Dragon Ball Z dialogue to be followed up on? If so, then this week’s Dragon Ball Super was for you, as Vegeta makes good on a promise made to Trunks.

Plus: the week in Dragon Ball news, where Brian completely misunderstands the mechanics of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. Spoiler alert for next week’s episode: he’s already addicted to playing it.

Let’s Go Goku! Episode 1 – The Peace Prize, Who’ll Get the 100 Million Zeny?

From the brains that brought you Let’s Go JoJo! comes another podcast where we watch a single episode of a weekly anime and somehow get a podcast longer than the actual episode. That’s right, we’re watching Dragon Ball Super for the next two years and let’s face it, you are too.

All your favourites are back! Son Goku, Slightly-Smaller-Son Goku-with-different-hair, and Smallest-Son Goku are all here, along with all the other characters that surely must be a struggle to still voice 18 years on.