Let’s Go! #96 – Let’s Give a Scorpion a Lift

Let's Give A Scorpion A Lift

This week on Let’s Go! everyone realises Nanba is a scorpion and they are frogs, a serial killer gets his happy ending, and Bakugo gets rescued.

DITB #283 – Batman Ninja

Antman and Brian are joined by those two crafty criminals of comics ‘casting, Greg Driver and Leon Everett of Ace Comicals to discuss the 2018 movie BATMAN NINJA! And especially the differences twixt sub and dub.

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Let’s Go! #95 – Let’s Order Pizza

This week The League of Villains get an unexpected pizza delivery, Bonobono is full of rage, and a pubic hair gets married.

Famous Anime Podcast – Tokyo Movie (1964-1972)

The Famous Anime Podcast returns and inspired by last week’s look at Lupin we cast a judicious eye over the early output of Tokyo Movie. Featuring assorted supermen, monsters, animals, idiots and thieves.

Let’s Go! #94 – Let’s Gaitsuku!

lets Gaitsuka

This week on Let’s Go! we Gaitsuku. Plus: Kappas work for cucumbers, Robots vape and folks from Gunma love the beach!

DITB #282 – Lupin the Third: Jigen’s Gravestone

This week on Dynamite In The Brain, we discuss Lupin III: Jigen’s Gravestone, Takeshi Koike’s 2014 pseudo-sequel to The Woman Called Fujiko Mine.  Along with frequent tangents towards Part 4 and Part 5.

Let’s Go! #93 – Let’s Create A Buzz

Let's Create A Buzz

Everyone’s talking about that Gearless Joe. And we’re some of those everyones. Not only Gearless Joe, we also talk about parents fighting in Bonobono, the man in the mirror in Kitaro and hunting related boners in Golden Kamuy.

MANV Feud 7: Violence Jack to New Gall Force

We’re into the final third of our run down of Manga VHS releases, and here’s where those releases start to feel a little run down themselves. We open with the much cut Violence Jack and end with the final Gall Force sequel, the original having never been released in the UK.

Let’s Go! #92 – Let’s Go To Hell

lets Go To Hell

This week Kitaro invites us all aboard the last train to Hell. Big Sis Sho gets into it with Raccoon’s Dad. And Sister Jill makes her move.

DITB #281 – Anime Blind Spots

anime Blind Spots

On this week’s episode we get to grips with some of our Anime Blind Spots – famous anime that we’ve not seen minute one of. Until now! We check out the first episodes of Star of the Giants, Dr. Slump, Touch, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Slam Dunk and Kochikame.