Brian Smith

Science is some folks calling, others pilot a ship. My mission in life stated simply is, a moustache on every lip.

The man behind the website Awesome Engine, Brian was previously involved with the now defunct Anime England website, but don’t hold that against him. He is also the curator of the MADstravaganza event that has run at UK cons such as Ayacon, Amecon and Kitacon since 2007. During that time he also turned his hand to running events about Go Nagai and Pro-Wrestling. Because no else is going to.

And only he knows the secrets of the Mayhem Moon.

Website: Awesome Engine

Youtube: CarterSharpe

Twitter: @awesome_engine

Anthony Askew

Anthony spends his time trying to expand his creative output onto the world! He has created short films and Anime Music Videos. These AMV’s have secured him a spot running an AMV Iron Chef panel at the UK  anime convention, Kitacon. Though Anthony believes this is just down to the fact that no one else will do it, but we all know here there’s no better individual for job!

There is nothing that Anthony won’t try his hand at creatively, his imagination spans far past that of any man. It’s just a shame his budget does not…


Youtube: Tseng808

Twitter: @AntAskew

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