DITB #281 – Anime Blind Spots

anime Blind Spots

On this week’s episode we get to grips with some of our Anime Blind Spots – famous anime that we’ve not seen minute one of. Until now! We check out the first episodes of Star of the Giants, Dr. Slump, Touch, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Slam Dunk and Kochikame.

Let’s Go! #91 – Let’s Take A Risk

Let's Take A Risk

This week on the podcast we discuss Gurazeni’s audacious self congratulation, Bono Babies and disgusting eating habits in Tiramisu.

DITB #280 – One Piece Film Gold

One Piece Film Gold

Bradley & Dwayne return to talk the 2016 One Piece Film Gold! The Straw Hats arrive at the gambling paradise Gran Tesoro and find themselves the target of its ruler, the richest man in world, Gild Tesoro.

Let’s Go! #90 – Let’s Go To The Convenience Store

In space, no-one can hear you shop. This week on Let’s Go!, Space Battleship Tiramasu picks up supplies, the CG bear returns in Golden Kamuy, Nezumi-Otoko goes into the energy business and Cutie Honey Universe immediately makes a liar of Brian.

DITB #279 – One Piece: Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

Bradley Meek and Dwayne Moloney join us once again to talk One Piece. This time round it’s the 2016 TV movie, Heart of Gold. The Straw Hats voyage into the belly of a fish in search of the treasure Pure Gold.

Let’s Go #89 – Let’s Cut Up A Bunch Of Dudes

On this week’s Let’s Go, the following bunch of dudes get cut up. Some squirrels. A bear. Many hitmen. Many faceless soldiers in 1570. A Panther Claw henchmonster.

DITB #278 – Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second Coming

Lewis Smith returns to discuss the second Broly movie appearance – Broly: Second Coming. All your favourites aren’t back, as a depleted cast of characters face off against the bothersome Legendary Super Saiyan.

Let’s Go! #88 – Let’s Punch a CG Bear

The plan to only watch five half hour shows per season continues to go badly. As this week we add Golden Kamuy to the slate.

MANV Feud 6: Kabuto to Vampire Princess Miyu

Greg Driver (Ace Comicals) joins us to take a look at the VHS tapes released by Manga Video UK during the first half of 1996.

Let’s Go! #87 – Let’s Dox Lupin

New season is in full flow in this bumper episode of Let’s Go! The Weekly Anime Podcast About Weekly Anime. Lupin, Goma-chan, Deku and Chidori are back. And a whole lot more besides.