Let’s Go! #96 – Let’s Give a Scorpion a Lift

Let's Give A Scorpion A Lift

This week on Let’s Go! everyone realises Nanbu is a scorpion and they are frogs, a serial killer gets his happy ending, and Bakugo gets rescued.

Let’s Go! #95 – Let’s Order Pizza

This week The League of Villains get an unexpected pizza delivery, Bonobono is full of rage, and a pubic hair gets married.

Let’s Go! #94 – Let’s Gaitsuku!

lets Gaitsuka

This week on Let’s Go! we Gaitsuku. Plus: Kappas work for cucumbers, Robots vape and folks from Gunma love the beach!

Let’s Go! #93 – Let’s Create A Buzz

Let's Create A Buzz

Everyone’s talking about that Gearless Joe. And we’re some of those everyones. Not only Gearless Joe, we also talk about parents fighting in Bonobono, the man in the mirror in Kitaro and hunting related boners in Golden Kamuy.

Let’s Go! #92 – Let’s Go To Hell

lets Go To Hell

This week Kitaro invites us all aboard the last train to Hell. Big Sis Sho gets into it with Raccoon’s Dad. And Sister Jill makes her move.

Let’s Go! #91 – Let’s Take A Risk

Let's Take A Risk

This week on the podcast we discuss Gurazeni’s audacious self congratulation, Bono Babies and disgusting eating habits in Tiramisu.

Let’s Go! #90 – Let’s Go To The Convenience Store

In space, no-one can hear you shop. This week on Let’s Go!, Space Battleship Tiramasu picks up supplies, the CG bear returns in Golden Kamuy, Nezumi-Otoko goes into the energy business and Cutie Honey Universe immediately makes a liar of Brian.

Let’s Go #89 – Let’s Cut Up A Bunch Of Dudes

On this week’s Let’s Go, the following bunch of dudes get cut up. Some squirrels. A bear. Many hitmen. Many faceless soldiers in 1570. A Panther Claw henchmonster.

Let’s Go! #88 – Let’s Punch a CG Bear

The plan to only watch five half hour shows per season continues to go badly. As this week we add Golden Kamuy to the slate.

DITB #276 Spring Anime Preview 2018

lupin Part 5

Lewis Smith joins Anthony & Brian to sort the wheat from the chaff of the upcoming anime season.