The Anime That Didn’t Make Us #10 – Oh Family!, Haunted Junction

It’s an Anthony & Brian-only episode of The Anime That Didn’t Make Us this time out. And one I should have posted about a month ago. Whoops.

Oh Family! – heartwarming orphantainment with a distinctly American flavour from 1986.

Haunted Junction – another late-night anime from 1997 that Anthony would have definitely not been allowed to watch.

The Anime That Didn’t Make Us #9 – KATRI, J-DECKER, VIRTUA FIGHTER

TATDMU All-Star Dwayne Moloney joins us today talk about three more anime that geography denied us during our formative years.

Katri, Girl of the Meadows – a Finnish World Masterpiece Theatre outing from 1984.

Brave Police J-Decker – another in the Brave Series, this time sentient transforming robots fight crime in 1994.

Virtua Fighter – Sega’s groundbreaking fighting game comes to anime in 1995.

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The Anime That Didn’t Make Us #8 – Dragon Ball, Those Who Hunt Elves, GaoGaiGar

Ace Comical’s very own Greg Driver is here to clamber into the DITB time machine and send cartoons back to our childhood selves that they never got to see. This week we have Toriyama’s all-time classic, the show that marked dawn of modern anime, and the finale of Takara’s Brave series.

DITB #316 – Toei Manga Matsuri 1989

Lewis Smith returns to discuss three quarters of the second Toei Manga Matsuri of 1989. We’re talking: The Mobile Cop Jiban: Great Explosion at the Monster Factory of Fear,  Akko-chan’s Secret: The Sea! The Monster!! Summer Holiday and Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone aka Return My Gohan!

This time it’s Brian’s turn to completely misread a scene in a film~!

The Anime That Didn’t Make Us #7 – Lupin III Part 3, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Nadesico

Dwayne Moloney from Secret of the Sailor Madness and Let’s Go JoJo joins us to look back at the first episodes of three more anime that geography denied us childhood nostalgia for.

This week we look at the third TV outing for Monkey Punch’s iconic thief, Mitsuteru Yokoyama’s adaptation of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and multi-layered mecha anime Martian Successor Nadesico.