The Anime That Didn’t Make Us #24 – God Mazinger, Transformers Victory, Maico 2010

Vinnie from All Geeks Considered joins Brian & Gary to consider three more anime that geography prevented them from seeing in their youth!

On this week’s show:

God Mazinger (1984) – Everyone’s least favourite outing for Go Nagai’s giant robot franchise.

Transformers Victory (1989) – The final Japanese TV outing for the Generation 1 toy robots.

Maico 2010 (1998) – Late night comedy about late night radio. With a half naked robot.

The Anime That Didn’t Make Us #23 – Maple Town, Tekkaman Blade, Future GPX Cyber Formula

Brian, Gary and trusty third chair Dwayne are back with another ride in the TATDMU time machine to watch anime that didn’t get a chance to shape our childhoods.

This week it’s animal antics, smart cars and rebooted mecha with Maple Town Stories (1986), Future GPX Cyber Formula (1991) and Tekkaman Blade (1992) .

The Anime That Didn’t Make Us #22 – Battle Ball Boy Wonder Ikkiman, Chou Dendou Robot Tetsujin 28-go FX, Revolutionary Girl Utena

Brian & Gary are joined by Sheena Duffy to discuss three more TV anime that geography prevented them from seeing in their childhoods.

On today’s show we discuss:

1986’s sci-fi sports comedy, Battle Ball Boy Wonder Ikkiman.

1992’s mecha sequel, Tetsujin 28-go FX.

And 1997’s surreal high school melodrama Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Originally recorded: November 2020

The Anime That Didn’t Make Us #21 – Mecha Doc, Armoured Police Metal Jack

The show everyone is calling TATDMU returns with new co-host Gary Hedges! This week our trip down someone else’s memory lane takes us the 1984 car tuning anime Mecha Doc and the 1991 robot police anime Armoured Police Metal Jack.

Plus: Brian gets the lead of dreadful sitcom Bottle Boys wrong, something he realised immediately after recording and has haunted him ever since. Sure he could have edited it out, but better to use it to go off on a weird tangent in the show notes.

The Anime That Didn’t Make Us #17 – Lensman, Boys Over Flowers, Vampire Princess Miyu

Sheena Duffy joins us to discuss three more anime that we were unable to watch growing up due to the curse of geography.

Lensman (1984) – EE ‘Doc’ Smith’s creation gets a second anime outing in the same year!

Boys Over Flowers (1996) – Yoko Kamio’s oft adapted manga of awful rich boys and the girl who loves them.

Vampire Princes Miyu (1997) – Toshiki Hirano sends their vampire creation to high school.

The Anime That Didn’t Make Us #16 – Pollyanna, Violinist of Hamelin & Moby Dick

Niall Flanagan from Secret of the Sailor Madness and Let’s Go! joins us to climb into the TATDMU time machine and watch 3 more anime that geography denied our childhoods.

The Story of Pollyanna, Girl of Love (1986) – a World Masterpiece Theatre adaptation of Eleanor H Porter’s novels.

Violinist of Hamelin (1996) – based on Michiaki Watanabe’s manga.

Hakugei: Legend of the Moby Dick (1997) – based on Herman Melville’s novel, but in space.