Let’s Go! #192​ – Let’s Farm Pretty Boys

This week we discuss the following:

Pui Pui Molcar 6 ‘Zombie and lunch’
Oh Suddenly Egyptian God 10 ‘Suddenly, A Banquet’
Dr Stone Stone Wars 5 ‘STEAM GORILLA’
Heaven’s Design Team 6 ‘Idea 6’
Jujutsu Kaisen 18 ‘Sage’
With a Dog AND a Cat, Every Day is Fun 18
Back Arrow 6 ‘Are Pretty Boy Farms a Thing?’
SK8 The Infinity 6 ‘Part #06: Steamy Mystery Skating?!’
Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai 19 ‘THE FINAL AVAN STYLE TECHNIQUE’
Healin’ Good Precure 44 ‘Let’s Heal Together! For Our Healthy Future’
Kemono Jihen 6 ‘Awakening’