Let’s Go! #202​ – Let’s See If We Remember Their Names!

Bit of an audio nightmare with this one, so listen at your own risk.

Change of watching schedule, as we go to SUN-SAT rather than MON-SUN. As we covered Sunday 18th anime last episode, this will cover 19th to 24th April.

This week we discuss the following:

VLADLOVE 11 “Midsummer Night’s Mystery”
Fruits Basket 3 “Fruits Basket 3”
ODDTAXI 3 “Beware of Borrowed Plumes”
Zombie Land Saga Revenge 3 “The Acoustic SAGA of Love and Youth”
SSSS.DYNAZENON 4 “What is this Thumping Heart?”
Back Arrow 16 “When People Want Peace, What Does God Want?”
Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai 29 “BARAN’S RAGE”
My Hero Academia 93 “Operation New Improv Moves”
Welcome To Demon School Iruma-kun 2 “Operation New Improv Moves”
Thunderbolt Fantasy Sword Seekers3 4 “Whereabouts of a Demon Sword”