Episode 265 – Angel’s Egg (Once More)

It’s that time of year when we like to get eggy! No, not Easter, it’s DITB’s annual Angel’s Egg podcast. Joining us this time around we have Aaron Long and Grace Chan. Will they find it a good egg, a bad egg or a curate’s egg? What new things will Brian and Anthony glean from this year’s viewing? Listen and learn.

Episode 232 – Angel’s Egg (Again)

angels egg

As promised, it’s our second annual Angel’s Egg episode. Who’s joining us to watch Mamoru Oshii’s dreamlike masterpiece? It’s Bradley Meek!

Featuring, faux cineaste snobbery that probably sounds like real cineaste snobbery, incorrect information about physical media availability, wild speculation on Mamoru Oshii’s personal life and a quiz about eggs.

Episode 198 – Angel’s Egg

Philip O’Connor (and assorted kitchen noises) is back on the podcast, to talk Mamoru Oshii’s 1985 enigmatic OVA, Angel’s Egg (ova? egg? geddit?). Plus, the last Just Enough To Bluff for the foreseeable future is another Oshii project – Patlabor on TV. And Brian is really, really tired.

Philip’s blog post on Angel’s Egg.