Episode 201 – Anime Quiz of 2015

anime quiz of 2015

Forget your top ten anime of 2015 run downs, we’re here to look back on the year in an ANIME QUIZ format. Anthony faces Niall Flanagan from Secret of the Sailor Madness and Bradley Meek from Anime Now in a contest of podcasting minds, as Brian finds out which of the 3 knows the most about the previous 12 months anime output.

It’s the return of the ALL GAME version of Dynamite In The Brain to start the New Year right!

Episode 105 – Panel Game 2



A couple of days late due to power cut and an anime convention, but it is now here, another all game episode of DITB.

Anthony and Greg take on the transatlantic titans of Bradley C Meek and Aaron Long.

Featuring the following games:

  • Lost In Translation
  • Vic or Trick?
  • I Packed My Con Bag
  • Once Upon A Time In Fictional History
  • If Paul Rudd Was Anime
  • When Did People Give A Hoot About?