Episode 129 – Penguindrum Part 2



Sometimes podcasts don’t quite go the way you planned. Ebbie AKA Bizarrejelly5 joins us today for one such podcast, as talk about the second Penguindrum Box Set (covering episodes 13-24) turns into talk about the process of watching anime for the podcast. Specifically Anthony’s process…

Beck continues as our Weekly Retro Recap and we play a game of “Animals Must Be Cast As Leads”.

So pay attention and keep careful notes, as you listen to another episode of Dynamite in the Brain!

Episode 128 – Anime Villain Poker

Anime Villain Poker

List podcasts! We’ve all heard them, and some of us have even recorded them. But taking our cue from the cruelly shuttered Treehouse, we are now adding the spice of competition to our list shows, beginning with Villains. Brian, Anthony and guests Bradley C Meek and Elliot Page have each created a list of anime villains and will battle it out to see whose list is the most diabolical.

Plus, WATCHUWATCH is introduced with an especially strained pun and our Weekly Retro Recap is episode 1 of Beck Mongolian Chop Squad.