Dynamite In The Brain – Episode 25 – Pirates, Hunters and Killer Rabbits


If you like swearing this episode is for you. We are really earning the explicit tag on iTunes this time round with the final segment of this episode. Otherwise it’s just a casual chat about recent anime. So beware of spoilers (though I think we generally brush over anything too significant outside of the last segment).

And as we cover a lot of stuff, time codes!

00:00 Preamble (Eugene Mirman & Pretty Good Friends, Anthony’s Internet Woes)
03:20 One Piece Episode 517
14:20 Hunter x Hunter remake
25:00 Gundam AGE
37:20 Phi Brain
42:50 Ben-To
46:48 Dramatic readings of internet reaction to Blood-C episode 12

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Theme music by Paul Smith of quiet quiet band.

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