Let’s Go JoJo! Episode 14 – Let’s Go to the Manga Artist’s House (Part 1)

manga Artist's House

Today, Koichi and Toshikazu pay a visit to the author Rohan Kishibe. What horrors await them in the manga artist’s house? We find out on another episode of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Podcast from Dynamite In The Brain and Secret of the Sailor Madness! Joining us today is Elliot Page from the UK Anime Network podcast.

Plus we take a walk in some terrible CGI woods, learn about the illegalities of time travel, go for a swim, fail to remember a load of superheroes and villains names and chill out one last time.

This week’s anime:

JJBA #13
Berserk #1
Dragon Ball Super #49
Tonkatsu DJ #12
My Hero Academia #13
Shonen Ashibe #11

Let’s Go! Summer Anime Preview 2016

Summer Anime Preview

Brian, Dwayne & Niall assemble their collective television watching powers to review the anime of Spring and preview the incoming anime from Summer.  It’s the second Let’s Go! Season Preview!

We watched more anime in the last 3 months than we’ve ever done before, did we like it? And can the summer’s offerings keep it up?

Episode 69 – Leeds Film Anime Day

It’s here, the day we went to Leed International Film Festival’s Anime Day 2012. And then recorded the podcast a week later due to Brian leaving his laptop in a completely different town. And then put it online yet another week later because we  always have one podcast in the hole.

But enough of the saga’d history of this episode, lets get into it. Greg Driver joins us to talk about the cannibalistic little tyke ASURA, Mamoru Hosoda’s tale of single parenting in the countryside, WOLF CHILDREN, Tiger & Bunny’s cinematic debut, TIGER & BUNNY: THE BEGINNING, and finally a double helping of bloody medieval melodrama, BERSERK THE GOLDEN AGE I & II!

It’s a bumper serving of DITB, so check it out!