Episode 205 – Crayon Shin-chan: Serious Battle! Robot Dad Strikes Back

Aaron Long (Sublo & Tangy Mustard) joins us today to discuss the 2014 Crayon Shin-chan movie, Serious Battle! Robot Dad Strikes Back. Featuring an unexpected Masaaki Yuasa sequence, an extended homage to a musical comedy routine and many, many downtrodden Japanese dads who need an evil robot dad to rouse them up.

Plus: another game of the sensation of the age that is Earlier, Later of Spot On!

Episode 169 – Shin-Chan: Bungle In The Jungle

Shin-chan Bungle In The Jungle

This week on Dynamite In The Brain, we take a trip into the jungle. First we travel back to 1965 to check out the classic leonine Tezuka anime Kimba The White Lion, aka Jungle Emperor Leo, in our feature Just Enough To Bluff. Then we get a little more modern as we watch the eighth Crayon Shin-Chan film, Bungle In The Jungle.

Plus, we round things off with a little bit of the old feature, WATCHUWATCH as Anthony & Brian discuss some of the new season’s TV shows, both anime and otherwise.

Watch Kimba The White Lion on Youtube

Watch The New Adventures of Kimba The White Lion on Youtube

Watch The Man In The High Castle on Amazon

Watch Parks & Recreation on Hulu

Watch Cute High Earth Defence Club LOVE on Crunchyroll

Watch Durarara on Crunchyroll

Episode 73 – DITB Xmas Spectacular ’12


Here it is, our second XMAS SPECTACULAR~!

Debbie Crisp and Gary Hedges join us to once again review Xmas musical fare from the world of anime (and tokusatsu). And then we all assemble around the old Joanna for a festive sing song.

All this plus the usual stations of UK anime releases and WATCHUWATCH.

00:17:00 – Xmas Anison Armageddon

00:59:00 – Xmas Karaoke

Check our facebook  page for full versions of the songs.

No episode next week, but will be back in the New Year with our run down of all that was good in 2012, so see you there.

Marill Christmas Everyone!

Dynamite In The Brain – Episode 14 – The Adult Empire Strikes Back


Today we talk Anthony’s taste in comedians from the sitcom News Radio, upcoming anime series that we might interested in watching if we ever find the time, why caveman fiction is better than science fiction and our main topic is the 2001 Crayon Shin-chan film – The Storm Called: The Adult Empire Strikes Back!

Anime News Network’s list of Summer anime
Joe Rogan episode of WTF with Marc Maron
Andy Dick episode of WTF with Marc Maron
Dame Dame no Uta

Theme music by Paul Smith of quiet quiet band.

You can find Anthony Askew on the web here, here and on twitter here.

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