Episode 164 – Xmas Specials Special


This week we take a look at six different anime shows’ Christmas episodes. And joining us to this are Bradley C. Meek, Elliot Page and Niall Flanagan. Featuring the seasonal romantic pitfalls of URUSEI YATSURA, a vengeful mad Santa in THE BIG O, barely anything seasonal in DIGIMON ADVENTURE 02, Christmas invasion plots in SGT. FROG, a rampaging snow man in HEARTCATCH PRETTY CURE and a banned episode of POKEMON.

PLUS: we play the traditional Xmas game of HOHOHO or NONONO?

Episode 64 – Digimon The Movie

Part 1 of our run down of Mamoru Hosoda’s motion picture work as we approach Leeds Film’s screening of WOLF CHILDREN begins with Saban’s cut and paste Digimon Movie. 2 parts Hosoda to 1 part Yamauchi, does this strange hodgepodge of THREE different Digimon movies work? Lewis Smith joins us to find out.

All this plus the week’s new releases, a WATCHUWATCH where Brian is free of the shackles from watching GITS, and everyone’s favourite quiz – HEY NOW YOU’RE AN ALL STAR OR NOT.

It all adds up to another great edition of DYNAMITE IN THE BRAIN*.


*if you can excuse Lewis’ slight mic buzz.

Episode 31 – Ant & Dec Invented Cosplay

Episode 31

Anthony is on holiday, so Gary Hedges joins me to talk Saban dubs that made it to the UK. We’ve even seen some of them. Plus: a brief history of Saturday Morning Kids TV in the UK, how breakfast TV was saved again and again, facts everyone thinks only they know, interrupting dogs and much, much more.

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