Let’s Go Goku! Episode 8 – Goku Arrives! A Last Chance from Beerus!

Finally what we’ve all been waiting for. An episode with Oolong as focus. Our favourite shape-changing porcine pervert has to face off against Beerus with the fate of the world in his hands. We discuss this and more on the latest episode of the Dragon Ball Super podcast from Dynamite In The Brain and Secret Of The Sailor Madness!


Let’s Go Goku! Episode 5 – A Battle on Kaio’s Planet! Goku vs God of Destruction Beerus


Goku meets Beerus! Will the feline deity finally get to see the Super Saiyan Whatchamacallit? Will King Kai’s planet remain intact? Will people have reasonable expectations of a weekly Toei series’ animation schedule? Find out on the weekly Dragon Ball Super podcast from Dynamite In The Brain & Secret of the Sailor Madness.

Rizzoo Rizzoo & Sauce Twinz – Super Saiyan

Let’s Go Goku! Episode 3 – Where’s the Rest of my Dream! Find the Super Saiyan God!

Beerus is trying to remember his dream and Bulma’s trying to have a party. That’s right we’re fully into the recycling of the material from Battle of Gods. Now with added fart and dick jokes. And a boat. We discuss all this on the latest episode of the Dragon Ball Super podcast from Dynamite in the Brain and Secret of the Sailor Madness.

Let’s Go Goku! Episode 2 – To the Promised Resort! Vegeta’s Family Vacation

Vegeta & Family In A Train

Have you been waiting decades for a throwaway line of Dragon Ball Z dialogue to be followed up on? If so, then this week’s Dragon Ball Super was for you, as Vegeta makes good on a promise made to Trunks.

Plus: the week in Dragon Ball news, where Brian completely misunderstands the mechanics of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. Spoiler alert for next week’s episode: he’s already addicted to playing it.

Let’s Go Goku! Episode 1 – The Peace Prize, Who’ll Get the 100 Million Zeny?

Dragon Ball Super

From the brains that brought you Let’s Go JoJo! comes another podcast where we watch a single episode of a weekly anime and somehow get a podcast longer than the actual episode. That’s right, we’re watching Dragon Ball Super for the next two years and let’s face it, you are too.

All your favourites are back! Son Goku, Slightly-Smaller-Son Goku-with-different-hair, and Smallest-Son Goku are all here, along with all the other characters that surely must be a struggle to still voice 18 years on.

Episode 183 – Spring Anime Review & Summer Anime Preview

Summer Anime Preview

The Summer’s here and the time is right for a round up of the just-finishing and the just-about-to-start anime with Bradley Meek of the The Anime Now Podcast. That’s right, it’s the Summer Anime Preview episode!

What did we manage to watch? What catches our eye? What is the name of the quiz we’ve played multiple times before? We answer two of these questions on this episode of the podcast and if you know the answer to the other one, please add a comment.