Episode 218 – Top Five Videogame Anime

Week 2 of GREG DRIVER MONTH and we get into our lists of top five videogame anime. Always a high risk of being terrible, between the three of us, we manage to find more than 10 that are actually worth your time. Demons, ghosts, monsters, punching and puzzles all feature in a fun packed Dynamite In The Brain Top Five!

NB: Games Centre Arashi does not actually appear in the episode, it’s an anime about a videogames, not based on videogames. But I wanted Pac-Man in the episode banner.

Episode 217 – Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie

It’s Greg Driver month! Greg joins us every week this month on DITB to get you ready for his own podcast, Ace Comicals, coming soon. First up we discuss the 1996 OVA series turned movie, Sonic The Hedgehog. Based on the first three Sonic the Hedgehog games, in the sense that characters from those games appear in the movie, it presents a new Sonic continuity and setting for the first and last time.

Plus: we get to grips with our histories with the hog, and play a quiz in which Greg and Anthony have to guess the species of various animal characters!

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Episode 214 – The Best Anime of 1986

Greg Driver joins us to run down the best anime from 1986. And what a collection of classics we have to discuss. One of the biggest Shonen Jump properties of all time, a Canadian dub, a movie that only one of us is sure he’s seen all of, vicious animals and Greg’s favourite toyline all feature in another rip-roaring episode of Dynamite in the Brain.

Episode 213 – The Guyver: Bio Booster Armour Act I

Greg Driver joins us to discuss the 1989 OVA series, Guyver Act I. A mainstay for 90s UK anime viewers after its release on these shores in 1994, Brian somehow avoiding seeing it in the ensuing 22 years. Today that changes. Will this violent Kamen Rider homage charm him on the 30th anniversary of the manga’s launch? Find out on another exciting episode of Dynamite In The Brain.

Plus, we take a new quiz for a test drive.

Episode 209 – Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

resurrection F

Elliot Page & Greg Driver join us today to discuss the 2015 hit anime film, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F. Frieza is back! Jaco arrives in animated form! A sorta koala looking guy called Sorbet also appears!

NB: There was a long-winded, confusing game with wrong answers edited from this podcast, which is what the timeline mentions at the end of the podcast are referring to. Trust me, you are better off without it.

Episode 196 – Ginga Legend Weed

Ginga Legend Weed

We are delivering on the promise we made you last year, and we are bringing Greg Driver back to talk more HARD BOILED DOG VIOLENCE. That’s right, it’s Ginga Legend Weed, the sequel to Silver Fang. A bio-engineered murder dog and all out war between rival packs are what awaits you in this action packed canine anime (canime?) from 2004.

All this, plus a game we had to call OLD McDONALD HAD AN ANIME.

And now, all the pictures Greg was messaging us during the podcast:







Episode 162 – Leeds Film Anime Day


Once again, Anthony, Brian and Greg headed to Leeds Film’s Fanomenom Anime Day. Only this time Lewis came with us too! We saw 6 animated films in 11 hours. Appleseed Alpha, Dragon Ball Battle Of Gods, Short Peace, Giovanni’s Island, Ghost In The Shell and Grave of the Fireflies were on the bill and you will hear what we thought about them on this podcast.

PLUS: Anthony and Greg went to the Day of the Dead so they will also tell you about a whole pile of horror movies too.

Episode 158 – Silver Fang


Greg Driver joins us as we follow up our ALL-DOG EPISODE with a look at our favourite show from that episode, SILVER FANG or GINGA NAGAREBOSHI GIN. Do you like dogs? Do you like bloody 80s shonen violence? Do you want to see that violence performed by realistically drawn dogs? On bears? Then this is the show for you!

Also contains some MOBY DICK and JAWS for good measure.

Plus, our Weekly Retro Recap is My-HiME and WATCHUWATCH weturns!

It’s a week late, but it’s always great, it’s DITB.