Episode 204 – Best Anime of 2011

Best Anime of 2011

As we mentioned on episode 200, due to being busy with non-podcast activities, something had to give and so here is the first of our lazy, lazy, list episodes! Niall joins us as we run down our Top 10 anime of 2011. (And try to figure out the format of these episodes!).

These list episodes will alternate with regular DITB episodes when we are able to record. However due to conventions and other commitments, some weeks we’ll run classic episodes or guest spots.

For these list episodes our plan is to go back in 5 year intervals and run down our favourite anime from those years until we can’t. After that? You’ll have to wait and see!

Episode 130 – Hunter × Hunter Phantom Rouge


Anthony takes control, and invites Niall Flanagan of Secret of the Sailor Madness to talk the 2013 Hunter × Hunter movie, Phantom Rouge. Was it worth the wait? How does it compare to the series and other recent Shonen Jump movies? Find out on a new episode of DITB.

Plus: Anthony turns quizmaster and tests Brian and Niall’s knowledge of pop culture hunters.


Episode 33 – Happy New Website



So tell all the boys and girls. Your brother and your sister and your mamma too.

And then get mad that Google autocompletes “word up lyrics” as “word up lyrics korn” before it does “word up lyrics cameo”. I ask you, what’s the world coming to?

Well it’s come to this – Anthony and myself running down our top five anime shows of 2011. What will win? What will have been forgotten? Will we mention Madoka Magica at all?


Then, not satisfied with that, we pick what shows look good to us in 2012. HINT: Spherical cats and swordsmen feature.

All this and the revelation of what anime character Anthony most identifies with!

Dynamite In The Brain – Episode 25 – Pirates, Hunters and Killer Rabbits


If you like swearing this episode is for you. We are really earning the explicit tag on iTunes this time round with the final segment of this episode. Otherwise it’s just a casual chat about recent anime. So beware of spoilers (though I think we generally brush over anything too significant outside of the last segment).

And as we cover a lot of stuff, time codes!

00:00 Preamble (Eugene Mirman & Pretty Good Friends, Anthony’s Internet Woes)
03:20 One Piece Episode 517
14:20 Hunter x Hunter remake
25:00 Gundam AGE
37:20 Phi Brain
42:50 Ben-To
46:48 Dramatic readings of internet reaction to Blood-C episode 12

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