Episode 243 – Ghost In The Shell

We take another detour into the world of live action adaptations of anime & manga with 2017’s Ghost In The Shell. Jon Anning and Grace Chan join us to discuss the ins and outs of this Scarlett Johansson vehicle. Were the 9 years spent on development and production worth it?

Plus returning game “If Paul Rudd Was Anime” in a new, revamped format!

Episode 242 – Serial Experiments Lain

Take a trip with us back to the wonderful world of 1998 in the company of Grace Chan and Jon Anning. We take a look at the Ryutaro Nakamura, Chiaki J Konaka and Yoshitoshi ABe project Serial Experiments Lain. A glimpse at the plugged in cyber-future that awaited us, how does it look 19 years later? We find out on today’s episode of Dynamite In The Brain.

Episode 150 – Ghost In The Shell


Episode 150! And what better way to celebrate than discussing the 1995 film Ghost In The Shell with Jon Anning? Turns out there is a better a way, to celebrate with cake, in a game we like to call BATEAU OR GATTEAU?

Even after that there’s room for dessert, Dessert Punk that is, as it enters week 3 of it’s Weekly Retro Recap.

Episode 116 – RPG Anime Part 2


It’s taken over two years and 103 episodes, but we have finally recorded the second half of our RPG episode with Jon Anning. You can listen to the first half here, which is more than we did before recording this episode, so forgive us any repetition, we only have so many orc related anecdotes.

We talk anime based on RPGs, anime influenced by RPGs and RPGs in general. Plus Licensed by Royalty is our Weekly Retro Recap and we play a Sword & Sorcery Box Office game.

Dynamite In The Brain, the Natural 20 of podcasting!

Dynamite In The Brain – Episode 13 – Moose or Astromoose?


Today we are joined by Ayacon Events Overseer, Jon Anning to talk anime themed RPGs. Hear tales of UK cons of yore, RPG in-jokes that don’t really work in the cold light of day, unreadable old conbook articles, Guyvers vs. Vampires, Brian’s voice gradually turn into the Fast Show’s Bob Flemming and much, much more. If your name is Barry you must listen to this!

Teenagers from Outer Space
Dragon Magazine Letter about using anime in D&D

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