Episode 258 – We All Went To Kitacon

Anthony and Brian are joined by Niall Flanagan and Ebbie (BizarreJelly5) to run down the highlights and the lowlights of a weekend spent at Warwick Arts Centre in the company of roughly 1500 attendees of Kitacon. We’re not even joking!

You can hear the parody songs that we discuss on this podcast here.

Episode 256 – All Purpose, Pre-Recorded Convention Commentary

Use this MP3 to guide you through your anime convention. From buying a ticket to coming home, Anthony and Brian cover everything you can expect to encounter at an anime convention. And few things you won’t. And it works for any anime convention. 100% generic and definitely not mainly about the upcoming Kitacon.

Talking of which, join Brian on Friday 18th August 2017 in Woods-Scawen for “Anime Space Disco”, on Saturday 19th August in the Theatre for “MADstravaganza” and join the whole DITB gang for a live episode on Sunday 20th in The Studio!

Episode 186 – Kitacon!


July 31st to August 2nd. Birmingham Hilton Metropole. Why would Brian Smith, Anthony Askew and Niall Flanagan meet in these hallowed halls on that weekend? To attend Kitacon, of course! The anime convention that appears ashamed of its roots and fudges things by calling itself a “UK Anime and Geek Culture Convention”.

Boo to all things marketing themselves as “Geek Culture”.

Anyway, you can find more of this sort of thing in the podcast, so listen and enjoy, as three men successfully spend nearly 2 hours convincing themselves that they had a good time.

Plus: a quiz.

Episode 45 – Kitacon Round Table

Anthony and what turned out to be a really quite ill, but gravelly voiced, Brian are joined this week by Leon Everett and Elliot Page to talk the Kitacon 4 weekend. The people, the panels, it’s all here in a bumper episode of Dynamite In The Brain.

In fact it can’t be contained in just one podcast. Check the website for a site-only bonus episode, a recording of (most of) our Anison Armageddon panel.

Episode 44 – Kitacon 4 Preview

We recorded this once already, but they went and changed the schedule while we were recording! So a couple of weeks later we reconvened to talk about our picks of the upcoming Kitacon, with Leon Everett of Kitacon phoning in midway through to cast light on some of the more obtuse events of the convention.

NB: This is the really scary game Brian suggests.

Dynamite In The Brain – Episode 4

We take you on an episode by episode journey through the first series of under-watched and under-appreciated Gag Manga Biyori. Then we take a look at the recently announced schedule for Kitacon. Plus Panini Sticker talk! All this and more on the latest exciting episode of Dynamite in the Brain, the podcast that loves anime and hates fun!

Theme music by Paul Smith of quiet quiet band.

You can find Anthony Askew on the web here. He also writes for DefConTwo, so why not check that out too.

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