Episode 227 – The Tatami Galaxy

Travel to the Tatami Galaxy with special guests Aaron Long and Elliot Page. The four of us discuss Masaaki Yuasa & Makoto Ueda’s 2010 adaptation of Tomihiko Morimi’s novel. Then we play a game of “Have I Got News For Uatu”.

Apologies for any mixing troubles, this was the first recording after Brian re-arranged his “studio” and so things weren’t quite what they should have been setting-wise.

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Episode 169 – Shin-Chan: Bungle In The Jungle

Shin-chan Bungle In The Jungle

This week on Dynamite In The Brain, we take a trip into the jungle. First we travel back to 1965 to check out the classic leonine Tezuka anime Kimba The White Lion, aka Jungle Emperor Leo, in our feature Just Enough To Bluff. Then we get a little more modern as we watch the eighth Crayon Shin-Chan film, Bungle In The Jungle.

Plus, we round things off with a little bit of the old feature, WATCHUWATCH as Anthony & Brian discuss some of the new season’s TV shows, both anime and otherwise.

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Episode 83 – Mind Game

Mind Game Anime

Fester Fish’s father, Aaron Long, joins us once again, this time to talk Masaaki Yuasa’s 2004 film MIND GAME. Which mainly involves telling each other how much we love it as we attempt to provide a film synopsis. In fact we love it so much, we will probably do another episode in the future once we have all digested the extras on the Region 4 DVD release. And then probably another one after that.

Plus, Tomorrow’s Nadja enters WEEK THREE of the Weekly Retro Recap, the first show to do so. Can it make it to week four? And we round the show off with perhaps the toughest game we’ve ever played on the show and a terrible pun.


Episode 34 – Chekhov’s Hand Grenade


It’s anthology time once again, and this time we look at one of the biggest of the last decade, GENIUS PARTY.

Seven films from seven directors, but do they all exhibit the promised “genius” of the anthology’s name? There’s only one way to find out*, and that is to listen to this new episode of Dynamite In The Brain.

But first a warning for those listeners afraid of spoilers, these are shorts, so we tend to talk about them fairly in depth in order to have something to talk about.

Oh and before I go, there’s also some Poyopoyo and Kitacon talk at the end.

* actually there’s loads of ways, you could buy it yourself, read reviews, ask your friends, but we recommend listening to this podcast.