Episode 168 – Giant Robo

Giant Robo

Giant Robo! Giant Audio! Joining us today to talk two things Mitsuteru Yokoyama are Elliot Page from the UK Anime Network podcast  and Phillip from Eastern Kicks and Ani-Gamers. What are those two things that we speak of for almost two hours? They are Gigantor and Giant Robo.

Specifically, we watched the first two episodes of the 1964 Fred Ladd produced dub of Tetsujin No. 28, better known as Gigantor, as part of our ongoing attempt to have at least seen an episode or two of all the “important” anime we can lay our hands on. Not all of it of course, because who has that sort of time. But just enough to bluff.

And then we finally discussed Yasuhiro Imagawa’s masterpiece, the 1992-1998 OAV series, Giant Robo The Animation – The Day The Earth Stood Still. It’s only taken us a year and a half, after our first abortive attempt to record a Giant Robo podcast. The question is, will Anthony like it this time around?

Plus, we play a game of “HOW LONG WOULD YOU WAIT”, the quiz that tests your OAV staying power. And it’s also a quiz that Brian can’t quite explain the rules of properly. CLOSEST WITHOUT GOING UNDER. Really Brian, it’s not that difficult.

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