Let’s Go! #127 – Let’s Be Famous Painters

Header image showing Kitaro and Neko Musume in disguise

It’s post-con podcast catch-up DAY THREE!

Niall’s back from Korea, and all the shows are back on the schedule. Kitaro and Neko Musume go under cover to catch a ghost, Senku decides they are going to have leapfrog millenia of technological developments to beat Tsukasa and Iruma-kun has a lesson in demonic horticulture.

Let’s Go! #111 – Let’s Go With Wolverine

Niall’s back from his trip abroad full of tales of… BAKI THE GRAPPLER? Plus: Lupin III Part 5, Planet With, Working Buddies and Bakabon say goodbye. And three of them actually meant to.

NB: I had to use a secondary source for the audio towards the end of the episode, so I (Brian) may sound quieter at points during the Kitaro & Planet With portions of the show.