Episode 251 – The Big O Season 2

The Big O Season 2

Cast in name of Pod. Ye guilty. Guilty of keeping our promises, that is! As we discussed way back in Episode 145, we are back 3 years later to review Season 2 of Big O! Dwayne and Niall are back and we’ve got an Elliot Page here too. What’s changed in Paradigm City over those 3 years? Can we make sense of the ending? Will Brian somehow end up discussing Heybot? All these questions and more are answered on this week’s Dynamite In The Brain.

Episode 145 – The Big O Season 1


Cast in name of Pod. Ye not guilty. That’s right, the Let’s Go JoJo crew are going Big O for a change as Niall and Dwayne join us to talk the 1999 TV series, The Big O. And to try really hard not to talk about Season 2. We almost manage it.

And Anthony picked Gundam Seed Destiny episode 1 as this week’s Weekly Retro Recap. You can probably guess how well that went.