Episode 78 – Magical Geordie Askew-chan



It’s finally here, the episode in which Anthony is forced to watch MAGICAL GIRL SHOWS. Spanning six decades of magical girls, can the man from the North-East’s fragile machismo stand the onslaught of “girly” anime? Find out on a special episode of DITB!

Featuring: Sally The Witch! Meg The Witch Girl! Creamy Mami! Sailor Moon! Pretty Cure! Jewelpet Sunshine!

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Episode 32 – The Dynamite In The Brain Xmas Special!

Ho! Ho! Ho! or should that be Moe! Moe! Moe!?

No. Because that’s not a sad girl in the snow, it’s Leon Everett, here to join us and review anime related Xmas songs. And then test his mettle and anime knowledge against Anthony in Brian’s Awesome Anime Quiz.

Leon’s plug: XMoonLilyX’s Hetalia Video Blog

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Theme music by Paul Smith of quiet quiet band.

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