Episode 152 – Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & The Punisher


The first in series of episodes that we’ve taken far too long to put out. This week, Brian and Anthony try and wring an episodes worth of material out of the 2014 OAV, Avengers Confidential.

They also have Paranoia Agent episode 1 as their Weekly Retro Recap. Which of these animated masterpieces proved to be the more satisfying viewing experience? Find out on the late(st) episode of Dynamite In The Brain!

Episode 120 – Millennium Actress


Leon Everett joins us today to talk Satoshi Kon’s feature film, Millennium Actress. And to be stunned into silence by Anthony’s opinions on it. Take a listen for yourself and see how you react. It’s quite the thing.

Plus: Licensed by Royalty episode 4 is our Weekly Retro Recap and we play a game of WILLENNIUM ACTRESS.

Episode 114 – Perfect Blue


Grace Chan joins us today to talk about Satoshi Kon’s film Perfect Blue. This inevitably leads to talk of stalking, poisoning boy bands and cinema’s most famous St Bernard, BEETHOVEN.

Plus Full Metal Panic Fumoffu, the week’s anime releases and a game of BLUE IS THE COLOUR. It’s another fun packed outing for DITB!