Episode 140 – Space Dandy Season 1


It’s time for a Dandy podcast on the internet, with guest Ebbie from OKKO ANIME CLUB, as talk 2014’s sci-fi comedy Space Dandy! Apologies for the two things Brian promises he’ll discuss later in the show and then never does, we’ll try and talk about them when we do the Season 2 episode later in the year.

Smash Hit episode 1 is the Weekly Retro Recap. Blame Anthony for that one.

Episode 80 – The Animatrix



Debbie Crisp joins us once more to talk about a Warner Home Video animation anthology, this time it’s the animated spin-off from the Matrix Trilogy, THE ANIMATRIX. Cast your minds back ten years to when our disappointment in the sequels was somewhat lessened by this collection of animated shorts set in the world of the Matrix.

Plus, this week’s WEEKLY RETRO RECAP is the first episode of SAIYUKI RELOAD.

Oh and here’s the Drive animation that was mentioned on the podcast.


Episode 34 – Chekhov’s Hand Grenade


It’s anthology time once again, and this time we look at one of the biggest of the last decade, GENIUS PARTY.

Seven films from seven directors, but do they all exhibit the promised “genius” of the anthology’s name? There’s only one way to find out*, and that is to listen to this new episode of Dynamite In The Brain.

But first a warning for those listeners afraid of spoilers, these are shorts, so we tend to talk about them fairly in depth in order to have something to talk about.

Oh and before I go, there’s also some Poyopoyo and Kitacon talk at the end.

* actually there’s loads of ways, you could buy it yourself, read reviews, ask your friends, but we recommend listening to this podcast.