Let’s Go Goku! Episode 10 – Show Me, Goku! The Power of the Super Saiyan God!!

Goku tests out his Super Saiyan God powers against Beerus. And the Pilaf gang have a picnic with Whis. The state of this show. Anyway we made a podcast about it regardless and this is it. This week featuring the full line ups of Dynamite In The Brain and Secret of the Sailor Madness.

Let’s Go Goku! Episode 1 – The Peace Prize, Who’ll Get the 100 Million Zeny?

Dragon Ball Super

From the brains that brought you Let’s Go JoJo! comes another podcast where we watch a single episode of a weekly anime and somehow get a podcast longer than the actual episode. That’s right, we’re watching Dragon Ball Super for the next two years and let’s face it, you are too.

All your favourites are back! Son Goku, Slightly-Smaller-Son Goku-with-different-hair, and Smallest-Son Goku are all here, along with all the other characters that surely must be a struggle to still voice 18 years on.