Episode 36 – Genius Party Beyond

As promised, we’re back with the second Genius Party project, Genius Party Beyond. Let’s see if there’s any stinkers like “Limit Cycle” this time round, as five top animators hand their homework in late for the 2008 sequel/extension of Studio 4°C’s anthology.

Plus, we chat about what we’ve thought of the 2012 winter season anime so far. So sit back, relax and listen to this week’s Dynamite In The Brain.

Because next week… NINJA MONTH BEGINS!


Episode 34 – Chekhov’s Hand Grenade


It’s anthology time once again, and this time we look at one of the biggest of the last decade, GENIUS PARTY.

Seven films from seven directors, but do they all exhibit the promised “genius” of the anthology’s name? There’s only one way to find out*, and that is to listen to this new episode of Dynamite In The Brain.

But first a warning for those listeners afraid of spoilers, these are shorts, so we tend to talk about them fairly in depth in order to have something to talk about.

Oh and before I go, there’s also some Poyopoyo and Kitacon talk at the end.

* actually there’s loads of ways, you could buy it yourself, read reviews, ask your friends, but we recommend listening to this podcast.