Let’s Go! #149 – Let’s Ship Out

On this episode we discuss:
Arte 1 “I Want to Be an Apprentice”
Super Shiro 26 “The Scaaary Professor’s Mansion”
Woodpecker Detective’s Office 1 “A Pleasant Occupation”
Fruits Basket 2 “Eat Somen With Your Friends”
Tower of God Episode 3 – The Correct Door
Wacky TV Nanana Chase the Kraken Monster! 1 “Wacky TV Ships Out”
The Millionaire Detective 2 “Love Does Much, Money Does Everything”
Appare-Ranman! 2 “In The Dark”
Listeners 3 “You Made Me Realise”
Wave, Listen to Me! 3 “You All Are Soft”
Gal & Dino 3 “Goin’ Shopping & Goin’ Out and About”
Zero-One 32 “My Pride! Runway to Dreams”

Let’s Go #148 – Let’s Be Cops

For this episode of Let’s Go we watched:

Super Shiro 25 “The Sweet Life Of Honey Bees”
Fruits Basket 1 “Hello Again”
Tower of God Episode 2 – 3/400 (Three Four-Hundredths)
Kakushigoto 2 “Beach Sandals and B4 / Don’t Place, Don’t Draw, Don’t Finish Up”
The Millionaire Detective 1 “I Came, I Saw, I Sponsored”
Appare-Ranman! 1 “???”
Listeners 2 “Half Man / Halber Mensh”
Wave, Listen to Me! 2 “I Despise Them”
Gal & Dino 2 “My Friend’s Coming Over / I Ran Into Your Ex”
Zero-One 31 “You Must Leap Towards Your Dream”
Digimon Adventure: 2 “War Game”
One Piece: WANO KUNI 927 “The Flower Falls! The Final Moment of the Most Beautiful Woman in the Land of Wano!”

Let’s Go! #127 – Let’s Be Famous Painters

Header image showing Kitaro and Neko Musume in disguise

It’s post-con podcast catch-up DAY THREE!

Niall’s back from Korea, and all the shows are back on the schedule. Kitaro and Neko Musume go under cover to catch a ghost, Senku decides they are going to have leapfrog millenia of technological developments to beat Tsukasa and Iruma-kun has a lesson in demonic horticulture.

Let’s Go! #126 – Let’s Have A War

Header image of Hyoga from Dr. Stone

It’s post-con podcast catch-up DAY TWO!

Still only Brian & Dwayne, but this time Dwayne’s microphone is working and Brian’s back to recording from mixer to laptop. Just like old times~! This week’s episode marks the start of the Stone War, the continuation of the cross-country fly in Iruma-kun and a bunch of other shows weren’t on due to the rugby (I guess?).