Episode 35 – The Cat Returns

In case you hadn’t realised, it’s 2012. And that means our monthly look at anime from a decade ago has moved up to 2002. ARITHMETIC!

We kick things off with the Studio Ghibli movie, The Cat Returns, and to help us discuss it we are joined by Grace Chan.  It’s a topsy turvy episode as we journey into Anthony’s youth with a tale of a trip to a  pantomime, we recast the film as a Hollywood blockbuster, Brian sings the theme tune to a cartoon only he appears to remember, stop motion mice are impersonated and much, much more.

(there was an interview section with Grace I had to cut out due a temperamental phone line making the final recording sound more like a Derek Acorah seance than interview, next time she’s on we’ll talk more about her animation background and fun times at UK conventions)