Episode 226 – Yo-Kai Watch The Movie

Bradley Meek is back again, as we follow up our discussion of the first Pokemon movie with a discussion of the first Yo-Kai Watch movie. Which at the time of recording we didn’t know was about to get an English language release.

An episode that increasingly becomes an object lesson in not recording two review podcasts in a row, we round things off with a game of Fusin’ Around. This is a game that the contestants do not fully understand until it’s almost over. Hopefully you, the listener, will fare better.

Plus: Anthony and Bradley accidentally guess the start of the second Yo-Kai Watch movie, so watch out for spoilers for that too, if you are so inclined.

Episode 171 – Yo-Kai Watch

yo-kai watch

Yo-Kai are for lovers on this Valentine’s Day. Dwayne Moloney is back and we made him watch 13 episodes of the current hot property in anime and videogames, Yo-Kai Watch. But before we get to a run down of the 30+ yo-kai from those episodes, we take a look back at the Grand Poobah of yo-kai anime, 1968’s GeGeGe no Kitaro in our feature Just Enough To Bluff.

Plus, we play a game of that popular French quiz, Pocket Monsieurs. All in all it’s a very MONGE episode of Dynamite in the Brain~!

GeGeGe no Kitaro OP

The super buff looking Jibanyan and Komasan from Yo-Kai Watch 2

The music video for the theme music.

Episode 165 – The Year In Review


It’s the DITB Year in Review. Or more accurately The Year in Ten Broad Topics.

Joining us to summarise 12 months worth of cartoons in less than two hours are Niall Flanagan and Bradley Meek. What is the best robot of 2014? The greatest animal? Or even the best bottom? (R.I.P. Elliot Page).

Find out the inconclusive answers to these questions and seven more, on a bumper blow out episode of Dynamite In The Brain.