The Anime That Didn’t Make Us #21 – Mecha Doc, Armoured Police Metal Jack

The show everyone is calling TATDMU returns with new co-host Gary Hedges! This week our trip down someone else’s memory lane takes us the 1984 car tuning anime Mecha Doc and the 1991 robot police anime Armoured Police Metal Jack.

Plus: Brian gets the lead of dreadful sitcom Bottle Boys wrong, something he realised immediately after recording and has haunted him ever since. Sure he could have edited it out, but better to use it to go off on a weird tangent in the show notes.

Episode 161 – 1984

[ARR] Gu-Gu Ganmo - 01 [0D446068].mkv_snapshot_00.07_[2014.11.12_20.41.31]
[mSubs] Heavy Metal L-Gaim 01 v2 [FFBFF607].mkv_snapshot_00.03_[2014.11.12_20.40.47]
(G_P) Panzer World Galient 01(x264)(49F9FF91).mkv_snapshot_00.11_[2014.11.12_20.41.07]
[ARR] Yoroshiku Mechadock - 01 [F8424FBD].mkv_snapshot_00.08_[2014.11.12_20.42.17]
[a-classic] Giant Gorg - 01 [1ad20683].avi_snapshot_00.11_[2014.11.12_20.42.42]

It’s a special ALL RETRO RECAP episode as we go back to 1984 and look at the opening episodes of five anime shows from that year. There are giant pink chickens with GU-GU GANMO. 1984’s answer to Space Dandy shows up in HEAVY METAL L-GAIM. There are more giant chickens in PANZER WORLD GALIENT. The concept of car tuning gets its very own show with YOROSHIKU MECHADOCK. And finally we visit 80’s New York in GIANT GORG.

Plus our regular Weekly Retro Recap too.

Better late than never, it’s Dynamite in the Brain!