Episode 262 – Monster City

Lewis Smith joins us today to talk about Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s 1988 adaptation of Demon City Shinjuku by Hideyuki Kikuchi. Better known to people of a certain age as the Manga Video release Monster City.

What are our memories of the OVA? Does re-watching it in 2017 destroy said memories? And what did Anthony think, coming to this fresh? Find out, on this barely themed Halloween episode of DITB!

Episode 203 – Goku Midnight Eye

Goku Midnight Eye

Niall joins us for our first episode recorded this year. We talk about the Goku Midnight Eye OAV series from 1989 directed by one of Niall’s favourites – Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Then we try out a new game format that will hopefully eliminate the low scoring games of old in “Earlier, Later Or Spot On”.

This week’s podcast also marks the first time we have recorded straight from the mixer, hopefully it sounds a bit better and hopefully will sound even better once we don’t have colds and fine tune our levels.

Finally, here is the video of Gachapin and Mukku we mentioned.

Episode 193 – Wicked City

wicked city

This Halloween, join us as we take a look at 1987’s Wicked City by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. The anime film you can no longer search for due to the currently airing cop drama of the same name. Assisting us in this dark task, is Niall Flanagan from Secret of the Sailor Madness and Let’s Go!

Plus, we play the Keyword Quiz, a new recurring game that will debut on an episode we’ve not put out yet. The Curse of the Podcast Editing Schedule strikes again~!

Episode 186 – Kitacon!


July 31st to August 2nd. Birmingham Hilton Metropole. Why would Brian Smith, Anthony Askew and Niall Flanagan meet in these hallowed halls on that weekend? To attend Kitacon, of course! The anime convention that appears ashamed of its roots and fudges things by calling itself a “UK Anime and Geek Culture Convention”.

Boo to all things marketing themselves as “Geek Culture”.

Anyway, you can find more of this sort of thing in the podcast, so listen and enjoy, as three men successfully spend nearly 2 hours convincing themselves that they had a good time.

Plus: a quiz.

Episode 80 – The Animatrix



Debbie Crisp joins us once more to talk about a Warner Home Video animation anthology, this time it’s the animated spin-off from the Matrix Trilogy, THE ANIMATRIX. Cast your minds back ten years to when our disappointment in the sequels was somewhat lessened by this collection of animated shorts set in the world of the Matrix.

Plus, this week’s WEEKLY RETRO RECAP is the first episode of SAIYUKI RELOAD.

Oh and here’s the Drive animation that was mentioned on the podcast.


Episode 65 – Vampire Hunter D

Happy Halloween! We’re back with a spooky edition of Dynamite In The Brain, as we talk Vampire Hunter D and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. Well not that spooky as they are really just Westerns dressed up with vampires and super powered mutants. But look, they have Vampire in the titles, so they qualify as default Halloween fodder. Next year: NYANPIRE.

Oh, and Brian went to MCM Expo and complains about that self inflicted dumb decision.



Episode 37 – NINJA MONTH PART 1 – Ninja Scroll


And what better way to kick it off than with Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s 1993 OAV, Ninja Scroll.

Well, a better way would have been for Anthony and Brian to have not been incredibly ill during the recording, but fear not friend listener, for we have a guest to carry us to the end of the episode. It’s Niall Flanagan of the fresh out of the internet oven podcast, Secret of The  Sailor Madness.