Dynamite In The Brain – Episode 18 – Well Done, Master Chief!


This episode is all about Halo Legends. Anthony made Brian spend THREE POUNDS of your Earth money on a DVD that was certainly an anime anthology about the videogame Halo. Has Anthony pulled a reverse Pugyuru? To find out, use your ears to listen to the newest episode of Dynamite In The Brain.

N.B. We do not reveal what a “Reverse Puyuru” is in the episode. Or even mention it.

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Theme music by Paul Smith of quiet quiet band.

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One Reply to “Dynamite In The Brain – Episode 18 – Well Done, Master Chief!”

  1. Fuck yes Sipder Riders. Caught an episode of it one early morning a year or so ago. The show itself was a pretty okay as far as children adventure shows go, but the English theme is where the show is at.
    I know I will survive!
    That’s right!
    We ain’t afraid to fight
    In the heart of the dark we are the light, yo!
    Faith in the battle shell
    ‘Cuz we train to gain the skill!
    Yup, we’re the ultimate,
    The power that’s within wins in the end,
    We’re riding on, so now,
    We’re calling all
    (Spider Riders!)

    Anyway, the DBZ style Halo segment was my favorite. A lot of the Halo fans grew up with DBZ so I am assuming it must have been fairly popular. It’s also depressing how mediocre this anthology was given how this could had been another gateway to anime, not sure if the money wasn’t there or the studios didn’t care but they really should had brought their A team on this project. But that goes for all this mainstream anthology works.

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