Episode 108 – Cowboy Bebop



And we’re back to our regular schedule.

Dwayne Maloney and Leon Everett join us to talk about the first half of the 1998 anime TV series, Cowboy Bebop. We also discuss Weekly Shonen Jump coming to the UK, interactive theatre, and drunken actors in WATCHUWATCH. Astro Boy makes its fourth appearance in Weekly Retro Recap. And we play a game of “Name That Bounty Hunter”.

All this and more on a bumper edition of Dynamite In The Brain.

One Reply to “Episode 108 – Cowboy Bebop”

  1. A few comments:

    If you really need to see a man take on a tank in hand to hand combat look no further than Fist of the North Star: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_ZeD40Rg8A

    Despite the problems with the Japanese airing of Cowboy Bebop it was still successful on home video over there, despite what’s often stated online.

    As Anthony suggests they did bring on a guy to do the fight scene with the poncho in the first episode of Cowboy Bebop. I believe it was legendary action animator Yuktaka Nakamura who is credited with key animation for the episode.

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