Episode 113 – Haircut Sir?



An under the weather Brian and Anthony are joined by a car alarm and a ringing telephone to talk about anime haircuts in an episode that was originally planned to be something entirely different. Thanks Oxford telephone exchanges for that.

We also talk Samurai Flamenco, Pokemon X & Y and Kamen Rider Gaim amongst other things. But mainly we talk about hair.

2 Replies to “Episode 113 – Haircut Sir?”

  1. I know it wasn’t entirely intentional but I quite enjoy these episodes you’re having about specific subjects rather than entire shows, although I did feel the need for some visual accompaniment in this case.

    I am both shocked and saddened that in your discussion of hair you either neglected to mention or were not aware of the hair in Shiki. Shiki is a fairly grim and down to earth horror series aired on noitaminA back in 2010. You may believe that abstract, cartoon hair is completely dead and buried but Shiki managed to not only revive it but take it to dizzying new heights of absurdity, as you can see here http://i.imgur.com/WricH.jpg
    Alternatively just google “Shiki hair” and you’ll find what I’m talking about.

  2. Wow, it seems a hairstyle for every occasion right there.

    Pleased you enjoyed the episode though 🙂

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