Episode 141 – Dy-GNAW-BITE on the BONE


Grrrr. Woof. Bark. Gnash. Gnash. Arf. Ruff.

Grrrreg Ryevah roins rus ron ris reeks repisode rof Dy-GNAW-BITE on the BONE. Re ralk rall ra doggy ranime re rould rind!

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  1. Dear DOTB,

    Just to clarify with regards to Sherlock Hound, Hayo Miyazaki created six episodes of the series in 1981 but the series ran into legal issues and during the delay Miyazaki left for other projects so the Youtube order of the episodes reflect which episodes were created first which is everything by Miyazaki even though they didn’t air first.

    After the issues were resolved the rest of the episodes in the series were created by an entirely different staff. The Miyazaki directed episodes and leaps and bounds better than the rest of the series and both their direction and production is closer to that of an OVA where as the other episodes look considerably worse in comparison.

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