Episode 178 – Gurren Lagann

Ebbie from OKKO ANIME CLUB and Gary Hedges join us today to discuss the 2007 TV series, Gurren Lagann. In the Just Enough To Bluff segment we dip our toe into Ashita no Joe. And in a tribute to the silent old man of Gurren Lagann, we play a game of “I’m In Love With The Coco”.

Links referred to in this podcast:

Squidward Tentacles

Gurren Lagann Pillow Case


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  1. Good episode. To answer a question about the plot of TTGL as posed by the cast:

    The Spiral King does get affected by the Spiral Labyrinth/Alternate Reality/Dream Sequence. We explicitly see him in a school setting, presumably as a parent.

    Just wanted to clear that up.

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