Episode 38 – NINJA MONTH PART 2 – Renaissance Laser Ninjas

Lupin III: The Last Job gets the Dynamite In The Brain once over.

It’s Lupin vs Zenigata vs Fujiko vs the last of the Fuma Clan vs Papal Euro Ninjas, in a fight to get their hands on an centuries old Italian doomsday device. Disguises are worn, kittens are saved, and Anthony doesn’t like blonde haired bearded villains.

All this and more in part two of NINJA MONTH!

2 Replies to “Episode 38 – NINJA MONTH PART 2 – Renaissance Laser Ninjas”

  1. Fun episode, as always. I’m a huge Lupin fan, but I haven’t seen this particular special yet. Sounds like a decent one though, I’ll try to watch it soon.

    I found Anthony’s inexplicable hatred of the villain very amusing. Also, glad to hear you might be doing more Lupin on the show in the future.

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