Episode 42 – Top Anime Mums

It’s Mothering Sunday, so Brian and Anthony run down their TOP 5 ANIME MUMS!

There’s likely some spoilers in here, so consider yourselves warned. Also, Brian goes an a ridiculous, lengthy tangent that has nothing to do with mums whatsoever, but does, of course, involve Devilman and Violence Jack.

Let us know who your favourite anime mums are in the comments below, and we might read them out on a future episode.

And remember, as the Hairy Bikers told us, MUMS KNOW BEST.

4 Replies to “Episode 42 – Top Anime Mums”

  1. I can vouch for Anthony’s theory that every school has a pants-dropper. Mine had two.

    Kid Chameleon is the game you were trying to think of with the masks that gave you different powers. Great game, but it gets ridiculously hard.

    SPOILER: All the characters in Evangelion are actually the characters from Devilman!

    My favourite anime mothers are Mrs. Moroboshi, Jariten’s firefighting mom from the one episode she appeared in, and Maeda’s mom from Cromartie High.

    And Maetel from Galaxy Express 999, if she counts. Which she might not, depending on whether I’m remembering the story correctly. There was something about her taking Tetsuro’s mother’s body after she’d died, and she does serve as a maternal figure to Tetsuro. The odd thing is that sometimes he looks at her as his mother, and other times he tries to catch a glimpse of her naked. Oedipal complex?

    If you haven’t already thought about it, would you consider recording the Anisong Armaggedon event, for us foreign listeners who can’t attend the con?

    1. Technology permitting Anison Armageddon will be released as an episode. 🙂

      We’ll capture the thrills and spills of a live audience to bring it to the demanding world of Anime Fandom!

  2. Shucks, you named most of the good ones there! If I have anything to add I’d say Kamiyama’s unseen mum who he’s writing the letters to in Cromartie High School. Possibly Lisa Lisa, mother of Joseph Joestar from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, but I don’t know if they got around to making the rumoured anime adaptation of that section of the manga

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