Episode 53 – SUPERHERO MONTH PART 2 – Gotham Knight

Remember that Batman OAV that came out around the time of The Dark Knight? Well we do, and we’re joined by Debbie Collins to talk GOTHAM KNIGHT and all things Batman.  So warm yourself up for The Dark Knight Rises with latest episode of Dynamite In The Brain!

PLUS: Anthony debuts a character, the week’s UK anime releases, WATCHUWATCH and game of BATMAN VILLAIN OR CONSERVATIVE PARTY MP?

2 Replies to “Episode 53 – SUPERHERO MONTH PART 2 – Gotham Knight”

  1. Excellent episode. Very funny and interesting discussions. I haven’t watched Gotham Knight yet but I’m fairly interested in seeing it now. Also, I have to mention that I listened to Anthony’s introduction about three times. I just couldn’t stop laughing. More voices are welcome! I also loved the game segment.

    Brian has the correct answer for Best Batman Villain. Frank Gorshin beats all.

  2. I knew that voice would be here to stay! I better get my character thinking cap on.

    You should certainly check it out, you’ll be able to grab it cheap enough on DVD now.

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